With sadness…

My heartfelt wishes to the Royal Family and indeed anyone who has been touched with sadness at the passing of our Queen, Elizabeth II. Many of us do not know a time where she has not headed this sovereign state.

A rarity in that no other monarch has reigned as long, or indeed faced the amount of changes to society, education, science, economy and technology, yet stood and rolled with every change. Rare indeed enough that a woman has held a position of power, in what still is a patriarchical world.

While I may not be a total Royalist, I have upmost respect for the dignity she had, the undying legacy she tried to create by standing tall through adversity, both in public and personally, the unwavering dedication to our country. At some level, I hope there are things we can all learn from her stoic efforts, until the end.

Obviously the country is now in mourning, which means there will be some changes to the way things are done, with cessation of deliveries by companies during certain times etc, so please could I ask you to be patient if you have placed an order during these times. I’m still doing orders, but please be mindful there will be a few unexpected Bank Holidays coming up such as the funeral, crowning of the King etc, where I won’t be able to send on these days.😊

May you now rest amongst the stars, your work here is done. Queen Elizabeth II.

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