Why I’ve been quiet….

Just to say thank you to those who have placed an order of late. After being a bit quiet because of caring for my son for months, I have succumbed to my own health issues. So if you are wondering why I’ve been a bit absent on socials since my break in August, it’s because I’m trying to live through what I’m going through. I’ve got tests and procedures in the next few weeks to go through so that they can find a diagnosis. It hasn’t been great and some days are a battle, but know I’m still here trying my best on my better days. Your orders may take a little longer sometimes as I have appointments, some days I have pain and fatigue that sees me struggle through a day. It’s been like this for the last couple of months.

Overall I’m trying to remain positive, I’m getting done what needs to be done, even if it is taking that little bit longer, but I’m listening to my body when it says - “enough for today”. So again, thank you for your patience. It’s been a rough year again, but I will endeavour to carry on- even if it’s at a slower pace! I’m still trying to get my mindfulness course written, which gives my brain box something to do when my body doesn’t feel up to much - I’ve got around 10.000 words so far!

Thank you as ever for your support and patience while I wait for a diagnosis and hopefully treatment!

Love and light


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