Time Warp

It’s been a crazy couple of months again! I can’t believe we’re in July- how’d that happen?? It’s been nothing but birthdays including my eldest’s 18th last weekend, my youngest son is 16 next week, Tim’s was last week and mine was mid-June.

Between supporting my eldest through his mind worries (including having to attend regular appointments and increasing meds) plus my dad is having a hard time since his op in June- I’m doing daily check ins and GP runs for him too. AND there is a new four legged baby in the house, she’s been with us for a week - it’s like having a two year old. The wenci bach (that’s little weasel in Welsh) is very cute, but busy! She’s a JRT, she’s tiny - she was the runt, I’ve got a thing for an underdog- she’s very sweet, but at the same time a complete scamp!! She’s called Tilly and is bringing a little joy to our abode and it’s been lovely to see the eldest smile, pets make the best therapy. My oldest JRT has been living with untreatable cancer, so we’ve been managing her at home, but my darling girl is now in the horrid decline and I fear Rainbow Bridge is not too far off.

I have admittedly lapsed a bit with the biz, money is a bit tight so orders to suppliers have been limited. The cost of advertising is placing a further strain so have ceased it for now. But I’m still here, trying to juggle all the balls at once! I’m also currently trying to create a Mindfulness and Meditation course so I can start that side of things in September.

I hope all of you are ok, I am of course super grateful for your continued support. I may have been a tad quiet, but I’m still working on things in the background, still trying to bring a little peaceful joy wherever I can.

With love and light always


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