SIMPLE MAGICK 1 - Days and Planets


So, welcome to the wonderful world of Magick - belief in energy, thoughts and intentions that assist in shaping the world around you. Magick is a many faceted thing, once you begin to read, then study, then practice you will find many doors will open for you. Some of us work in the light, some with the shadows (dark) and some rest somewhere in-between. We all have the ability to shape our thoughts, direct our energies in whichever way seems to suit and we are also able to change situations; if we so desire. We all have talents, it is just about improving what we are good at, for example some of us are empaths, some are clairvoyant/clairsentient/clairaudient, some of us are really good at reading cards, some are good at healing. It is about working with these innate abilities and using them to form the basis of our practice. I have a whole library now of books relating to many aspects of the Craft - too many to count now ranging from Celtic Mythology to spells, moon Magick and so forth, some I am still yet to read. I have taken all that I have gleaned from them and tried to break it down. I’ll pop a little bibliography at the end, some of them are what I read when I first began.


I began with looking into Wicca, having felt there was something missing in myself - always had itchy feet (as in needed to do more but not knowing quite what, not me having athletes foot!), as a child would write to Fae, take pleasure in nature and would feel most comfortable in a natural environment. I hated being in crowded places, feeling overwhelmed; my mother would say as a very young child I would not come forward to greet people for a while and would sit watching them all interact before stepping forward to greet them. It is my opinion looking back I was sussing out energies and would often gravitate more to particular types of people, quite often those who were less demanding and not requiring to be the centre of attention. Although I had friends, as a teenager I was bullied for being intelligent, wanting to question everything and not conforming to the teenage norms. I would also look out for those who ostracised; quite often those with learning needs, to ensure they weren’t lonely and would help them to gain confidence in being themselves which led to further bullying I might add. This I have carried on, by instilling in my children to accept others for who and what they are, even though they may not hold the same ideals. I have taught them to be true to themselves, be confident in who they are and to follow their dreams. 


All too often in this day and age, the pressures to be something you are not can be overwhelming, which is why my mind set changed about 18 months ago when I had a session with a light worker who suggested that my energy could be better spent developing my skills because of the energy I put out. So now 18 months later I’m consolidating my Book of Shadows from about six other books of handwritten research and learning, believing it maybe helpful to share some of it with you. I do make note of the fact I am not initiated, merely finding my way through the forest, as many of you are. These are my thoughts and interpretations developed from studying, so there may be some that disagree. There is a whole host of information out there and plenty to help you on your way - if you know where to look.


This small lesson will attempt to begin with the basics, whether you hold the religion based form of Witchcraft known as Wicca (just to note you can be Wiccan without being a witch and vice versa), study pagan deities or just simply honour the wonderful world around us, there are many cross-correspondences that most will utilise at some time or another. I have broken it down to basics, so I hope it is an easy to use quick reference.


Lets look at some:

Planetary correspondences

Days of the Week

Months of the Year

Moon Phases







Sabbats and the list goes on and on……….


For some simple straight forward Magick, I began utilising the days of the week and the planetary correspondences. I will of course try to expand on each mentioned above at a later date, but this is a lengthy BOS and is taking some time to put it all together. My first bit of Magick consisted of lighting just one white candle and intending on having a good week, it can be as simple or as complicated as you need it to be but offers a good starting point - after all it is the intention behind it that makes the difference, as you develop knowledge you can add things or take away things away, after all this is your path.


Masculine and Feminine Qualities


Most often items in magick hold a feminine or masculine quality/ energy, also think Yin and Yang. I have included this first as it is sometimes easier to have understanding, so when you read further around aspects you will have some idea on how this relates to magick and any items you may use.


Feminine qualities are often thought to be softer, gentler energies associated with healing, visions, spirituality, fertility, women’s health, love, happiness etc. Yin is the feminine and is the dark portion of the symbol, relating to night time and the moon (which is also relatable to “Mother Moon” and her phases). This cool feminine attribute dictates towards intuition, internalised mental pursuits (self discovery), stillness and calm. 


Masculine qualities tend to be actionable, possessing strong and fiery energies often related to protection, exorcism, hex-breaking, health, strength, courage etc. Yang is the male, featuring as the white portion of the symbol, related to the sun and day time. As a masculine energy it provides heat and vibrant energy, with which promotes activity - the action of carrying out our intentions.



Days of the Week and Planetary Correspondences




Ruler of Astrology Sign









Aries and Scorpio



Gemini and Virgo



Sagittarius and Pisces



Taurus & Libra



Capricorn & Aquarius


What does this mean for Magick?


For centuries we have looked to the stars and wondered, tracking transitions of the planets and assigning attributes, said to affect our daily lives and the magick we perform. It is better to cast your intentions as if they have already happened, that way you send a positive energy to the universe to attract a better outcome. Lets have a look each one:


The Sun

Celebrated as Helios in Greek mythology, said to be related to incarnation and prophecy. The Sun brings about growth, brings warmth and new beginnings into our lives, just as we celebrate the return of the Sun after Winter, creatures give birth to young, we plant seeds to grow and the air around us feels warm and comforting.


Represents the God aspect

Masculine Energy

Ruler of Leo

Gold or Orange Candle

Solar Plexus Chakra

Element of Fire


Deities associated with the Sun


  • Ekhi, goddess of the sun and protector of humanity
  • Áine, Irish goddess of love, summer, wealth, and sovereignty, associated with the sun and midsummer
  • Alaunus, Gaulish god of the sun, healing, and prophecy
  • Belenos, Gaulish god of the sun
  • Étaín, Irish sun goddess
  • Epona, horse deity occasionally linked with Étaín
  • Grannus, god associated with spas, healing thermal and mineral springs, and the sun
  • Macha, "sun of the womanfolk" and occasionally considered synonymous with Grian
  • Olwen, female figure often constructed as originally the Welsh sun goddess
  • Sulis, British goddess whose name is related to the common Proto-Indo-European word for "sun" and thus cognate with Helios, Sól, Sol, and Surya and who retains solar imagery, as well as a domain over healing and thermal springs. Probably the de facto solar deity of the Celts
  • Amun, creator deity sometimes identified as a sun god
  • Aten, god of the sun, the visible disc of the sun
  • Atum, the "finisher of the world" who represents the sun as it sets
  • Bast, cat goddess associated with the sun
  • Horus, god of the sky whose right eye was considered to be the sun and his left the moon
  • Ptah, god of craftsmanship, the arts, and fertility, sometimes said to represent the sun at night
  • Ra, god of the sun
  • Sekhmet, goddess of war and of the sun, sometimes also plagues and creator of the desert
  • Sopdu, god of war and the scorching heat of the summer sun
  • Helios, the titan and personification of the sun who drove across the sky in a chariot
  • Apollo, god of light, healing, music and prophecy. His most common epithet was Phoebus (“Radiant”), and eventually he replaced Helios as the sun god, particularly during Hellenistic and Roman times.
  • Eos, titan and personification of dawn
  • Hemera, the primordial deity of day
  • Aurora, goddess of Dawn
  • Sol, god of the sun, rides in a horse-drawn chariot
  • Helios
  • Hyperion 
  • Theia 
  • Apollo
  • Lugh


(There are plenty more, this list has been gleaned from Wikipedia for you to research further! I follow a Celtic/Nordic pantheon I have included some of the most common known including Egyptian, Roman)


Type of Magick:

Health, Success, Career, Ambition

Money and Wealth, Law/ Legal Matters, Strength, Leadership

Male health & magick, Children, Employment, Healing

Protection, Divine Power, Promotions, Life


Downfalls: Energy can be perceived as possessing arrogance, tendency to be overbearing and domineering.


The Moon

She who rules the tides and water, the Moon has played an important part throughout history. As our ancestors looked to her in the dark of the night, she is associated with motherhood and divine feminine, forming the Maiden, Mother and Crone aspects of Goddess celebration. It is thought the Moon affects our behaviours depending on where she is in her cycle, the word lunacy comes from the belief that when a full moon arises, people behave in unexplained or odd ways.

Represents the Goddess aspect

Considered the most important planetary body when spell casting/magick

Feminine Energy

Its phase assists the type of magick you conduct

Silver or White Candle

Ruler of Cancer

Third Eye Chakra

Water Element


Moon Phase Magick


New/ Dark Moon - best for magick that requires new beginnings, for example applying for a new job or endeavour. This is the best time to set your intentions for the lunar month


Waxing Moon - this phase is when it moves from new to full. A time to conduct magick relating to growth and attraction. It can assist with achieving the intentions you set during the new/dark moon. A great time to carry out how to achieve your goals. The moon in maiden form, so to honour maiden goddess attributes.


Full Moon - The most powerful phase of the Moon, said to imbue higher energy to carry your intentions. Wiccans and Witches celebrate the full moon as an Esbat to celebrate the goddess. Energy from this moon phase can be used for love, psychic workings, knowledge, prosperity… this list goes on! An ideal time for making moon water, cleansing and charging your crystal (especially those who fade in sunlight). If using Magick related to the moon, then consider it super enhanced when a full moon lands on a Monday. The moon in mother form, honour mother goddesses.


Waning Moon - The time between full moon and the new (dark) moon. Getting rid of unwanted energy or setting by and giving thanks for achieving things this month. Used for removing, banishing or releasing energies, for example if you feel things haven’t gone your way this month then let it go! The new moon is on its way to set new energies!! A time for introspection and understanding how you can change things for the next moon phase. The moon in Crone form. Hex-breaking and curse banishment.


Deities associated with the Moon


  • Kazza
  • Neaera
  • Llargi
  • Artume
  • Diana
  • Isis
  • Cerridwen
  • Losna
  • Kuu
  • Achelois
  • Phoebe
  • Artemis
  • Selene
  • Hecate (As Crone)
  • Morrigan (as a triple Goddess)
  • Máni
  • Elatha
  • Meness
  • Ataegina
  • Luna
  • Trivia 
  • Mano 
  • Jarilo
  • Bendis 
  • Arianrhod 
  • Atlas
  • Phoebe


Type of Magick

Sleep, Prophetic Dreams, Fertility spells, Peace

Female health & magick, Healing, Clairvoyance, Home

Psychic Workings, Instinct, Purifying, Cleansing Imagining, Emotions, Spirituality, Family, Intuition




For centuries Mars (being one of closest neighbours in the universe) has been both revered and feared by our ancestors. Its red colour was considered to be related to war in some ancient cultures and honoured. Ares is the name of Mars in Greek mythology, who was the son of Zeus and Hera, Mars is usually considered to be the son of Jupiter and Juno in Roman mythology.In Egyptian culture it was honoured under Horus, it is the counter to Venus. Use its energy to be proactive and actionable, rather than reactive and negative. We can all get frustrated when things don’t go our way and some will call on this fiery and aggressive energy as a reactionary way to blast through obstacles in our way, rather than to call on the power to guide our way through in the first place. Use it as a means to develop your personal power to bring about change in order to become victorious in your endeavours.


A strong, aggressive masculine energy

The symbol for Mars is also the same for male

Red Candle

Ruler of Aries and Scorpio

Solar Plexus

Element of Fire


Deities associated with Mars

  • Ares/Mars – Olympian God of War 
  • Blue God – Faery God also known as The Light of The World 
  • Gwynn Op Nudd – Celtic Deity also known as the King of Faeries in the underworld 
  • Horus – Egyptian God of the sky 
  • Oghma – Celtic Deity also known as the honey-mouthed God 
  • Samael – Angelic being known as the Angel of Poisin 
  • Surtur – Norse Deity also known as the Lord of the fire giants 
  • Tyr – Norse Deity known as a God of Courage and Strategy
  • Crius 
  • Dione


Type of Magick

Personal Will, Victory, Change and adaptation, Courage

Strength, Exorcism, Protection, Lust

Sexual Potency, Hex-breaking, Debates, Conflict

Physical Strength, Competitions, Male Healing/spells



Associated with communication ( from the Greek Pantheon of Hermes - the messenger) and many offer a sigh when it becomes retrograde, things just don’t seem to go quite right when this happens. Communication can go awry, technology seems to just have a melt down, logic and clear thinking goes out of the window! Use this time to re-check any plans, information, emails, messages to ensure they have been delivered and don’t forget to think before your speak as arguments are more likely during this time ! It isn’t all too bad though, this time should be used for taking a back seat to reconsider our plans without action, leave starting anything new until after the retrograde, be patient, plan ahead to avoid any issues. 


Masculine energy

Yellow (or purple) Candle

Ruling planet of Gemini

Element of Air

Third Eye/ Throat Chakra


Deities associated with Mercury

  • Hermes
  • Mercury
  • Turms
  • Lugus/ Lugh
  • Rosmerta
  • Wotan
  • Artaios
  • Arvernus
  • Gebrinius


Type of Magick

Self improvement, Communication, Divination Studying

Learning, Predictions, Teaching, Mental Power

Wisdom, Psychic Power, Trade, Commerce


The largest planet (obviously not including the Sun!) in our solar system, Jupiter has been honoured throughout ancient history, in Greek mythology Jupiter had two brothers; Neptune and Pluto, also known Poseidon and Hades in Roman pantheons. Each ruled a realm, Jupiter the sky, Poseidon the waters and Hades the Underworld. Said to have ruled over the Courts in ancient times to offer justice, honourable and fair council. Named as “Jove”.


Blue/ Purple Candle

Masculine Energy

“King of the Gods”

Sacred tree: Oak

Ruler of Sagittarius and Pisces

Animal: Eagle

Brow/ Third Eye Chakra

Element of Fire


Type of Magick

Wealth, Money, Prosperity, Luck

Expansion, Legal Matters, Overseeing conflict Exploration


Deities associated with Jupiter

  • Zeus (Greek equivalent)
  • Turenn/Taranis (Celtic)
  • Horus
  • Osiris
  • Marduk
  • Amon
  • Darius
  • Shiva
  • Eurymedon 
  • Themis 
  • Dagdha
  • Thor (Thursday = Thor’s Day)



Revered by Romans as a Goddess of love, beauty, desire, sex, fertility, prosperity and victory. From the Greek’s Aphrodite. she imbues sexuality and feminine principles regarding love. One to bring about inner harmony and love, she is said to refine our emotions and affections while also bringing forth our more caring side (empathy and sympathy).


Feminine Energy

Ruler of Taurus and Libra

Green or Pink Candle

Heart and Throat Chakra


Deities associated with Venus

  • Venus/ Aphrodite
  • Ainé
  • Asherah – Canaanite Goddess of Love
  • Aurie/Uriel – Angelic being also known as an Arch Angel
  • Bes – Egyptian Goddess of Luck
  • Branowen – Celtic Goddess of Love and beauty
  • Brighid – Celtic Goddess of fire, healing and smithcraft
  • Corn Maiden – Faery God known as the Spring Queen
  • Dionysus/Bacchus – Olymian God of the vine
  • Eros/Cupid – Olympian God of Love
  • Freya – Norse Goddess of love and fertility (Friday = Freya’s Day)
  • Hathor – Egyptian Sky Goddess. 
  • Hestie/Vesta – Olympian Godess known as the Virgin. (F)
  • Inanna/Ishtar – Sumerian Queen of the Sky. (A)
  • Ninlil – Sumerian God of grain
  • Oceanus 
  • Tethys 
  • Inanna 
  • Ishtar 
  • Lucifer
  • Lilleth


Type of Magick

Feminine energy, Beauty, Youth, Friendship

Love, Relationships, Feminine, Sexuality, Pleasure

Relaxation, Self love, Completion, Attraction

Inner Expression, Clarity, Art




Saturn is the master of time and order (think Father Time), Saturn was honoured by the Romans, with the Greeks calling it Cronus. Saturn is associated with agriculture, harvest, seeds and crops, social order and conformity. Attributes to consider include focus, precision, career and stability. 

It promotes a dedication to tasks and to achieve them in a practicable time frame, it also supports emotional resilience during times of hardship and is also related to karma.


Black or Brown Candle


Earth Element

Root/ Base and Crown Chakra

Ruler of Capricorn and Aquarius


Deities associated with Saturn

  • Rhea
  • Cronus
  • Arawn – Celtic God of the Underworld
  • Bran the Blessed – Celtic God of Prophecy
  • Cassiel – Angel of Temperance
  • Dagda – Celtic Deity also know as The Good God
  • El – Canaanite Deity also known as Cronus
  • Nammu – Sumerian Goddess of the Primeval Sea
  • Osiris – Egyptian Deity also known as The God of Life and Death
  • Ptah – Egyptian Deity believed to be the Creator
  • Rhea/Cybele – Olympian Earth Goddess
  • Saturn/Kronos/Cronus – Olympian Deity also known as the God of Agriculture
  • Set/Seth – Egyptian Deity known as the God of Chaos
  • Star Goddess – Faery Deity also known as The Black Virgin, or The Outer Dark



Type of Magick

Manifestation, Rebirth, Aligning Karmic Energies Understanding

Prosperity in career/business through hard work Binding Responsibility

Divine purpose, Spiritual Endeavours, Confronting our past


So that’s it for now, I will expand further next time on the planetary timings of when you conduct Magick, elemental correspondences and how cross correspondences between between planets and the elements can assist with spell work. Below is a list of just some resources used throughout my time studying and have been used to construct this lesson. For those interested in healing, there’s a fab documentary on Netflix called “Heal”, its a great one to watch if you are still unsure about natural approaches to healing. See you soon!




Copyright © Spirit Esoterica and Owners Thereof, 2020. All rights reserved.


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