Psychic Tea

Did someone say full moon?!! 😉 Let’s use it’s power and get our divination on! Why not get a little witch crafty with your own blend of psychic tea? Of course there’s plenty of recipes out there to follow for psychic teas, but there is nothing like experimenting to make it your own. Working with your own secret blend I feel, gives it so much more intent! So, find yourself a little time today to set about creating this simple bit of magick. Light some candles, calm your mind and sup on your new “potion”!!
**Of course herbs have been used for centuries for healing and Magick, however as a good ‘lil witchy, I’ve popped a disclaimer at the bottom - not something many do when they post this stuff! Herbs are more powerful than most give credit to, they contain chemicals which may be contraindicated with health issues and pregnancy so always double check what you are using - for example mugwort and lemon verbena should NEVER be consumed when pregnant**


  • Happy i have found you on facebook

  • Hi Nancy what’s a good destressing blend? Super interested x

    Amanda Scott-Murphy

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