Ostara and Mother’s Day

I know that Mothers Day was initially a construct of the Christian faith (Mothering Sunday), but in my house it is used as a celebration of the young and old and to make sure we have a get together whereby stories are told..yes, including the embarrassing ones! We all share a meal and enjoy being in each other's company, it's a great excuse to share a bit of love, when life is busy and time never seems to be onside, we can slow down and give thanks for all that we have.

I'm a mum myself to two amazing boys, even though they're in teenagedom, they have respect for the fact I have tried to raise them as loving, patient, empathetic and driven to be their own best version of themselves. As a daughter, I give thanks to my crone..erm..mum for raising, teaching and guiding me as best she could through this thing called life. This year we are one now generation short, as my beloved Gran passed away last year, we won't forget the love, time and laughter she gave us. Nor for my Nan who passed some years back, who made me smile with her gentle and patient ways - oh and the pep 'mints she kept in her handbag and the raspberry jam she used to make! A candle will be lit for them both and a glass or two raised in thanking them for being such fab people.
I know that some of you out there have no connection with your Mum; for whatever reason, for that I am sorry. As a Mum, may I say you have forged your own way and have blossomed into a beautiful human. For the times you didn’t get a cuddle when you felt down or alone, or the times you had no one to wipe your tears, it will make you stronger - you have a resilience in you to survive. Don’t let these negative patterns repeat, I know you maybe thinking it is easier said than done, but you have the power to change the way your life goes. You are capable of anything you put your mind to, stronger in defeat and loved more than you know - I send you my “Mummy” blessings to let you know you are not alone. Xxx

I've come up with a few ideas for the pagan mama, which may be of interest to give as a gift on the 22nd March. I'm also offering a discount code for all you sons and daughters who are buying for their wonderful Mums! Offer ends 17th March in time for me to post ready for the day.  
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The first Solar Sabbat of the year; the Sping Equinox, the day and night become of equal length falls around the same time as Mother’s Day this year so can be a double celebration. The weather improves (hopefully), and we can start to figure out what can be planted in our witchy gardens. Seeds are put to propagate and the wild flowers, trees and shrubs start waking up. It's a good time to reflect on male and female energies, where the dance of love begins. A good time to get back into being within nature, walking, potching in the garden and celebrating life itself. After this tumultuous Winter it would be nice to get back outdoors and see what Spring is going to bring! 

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