Calling All Psychics, Mediums, Spiritualists, Witches & Healers!

Are you wanting somewhere to advertise?? Well I have added a new page to the footer menu below! This page may be used for advertising the more alternative pursuits! I will organise it based on location e.g. North West, South West, London etc. I will be asking for a teeny fee..a flat fee, £10 per year - which is just 20p a week (just to cover a little time for admin payable up front) with no tie ins. Once the year is up you will be contacted to ask whether you wish to continue for another year or leave it (and the details will be removed).

Just thought it’s a cheap way to advertise, especially those who are starting or planning to branch out- I have around 1000+ visitors each month from all over the UK and NI, so would give access to quite a few people (12,000+ a year in fact!). 

The advert will be just in type as my website is retail, so won’t be able to add images unfortunately. You can contact me via the Contact Me form with your details,  that must include Business Name (if you have one), your name, location, website, email, contact details that perspective customers can reach you on, a few details about yourself i.e. what you offer in regards to psychic work, mediumship, spiritualist, witchy or healing work, how long you’ve been practicing, approximate costs (to give clients an idea) - try to keep it to about 30-50 words and then I’ll send an invoice via PayPal.

Your details will only be kept just to track of your advert expiry date in order to contact you when it comes to an end and for identifying any payments made. I will also ask any customers to say how they found you can keep check of how well the advert is working. If there’s a website, then I’ll check it out for sincerity before I post details. Just hoping I can help raise people up and get back on track. 😁💜🔮💜xxxx P.S any spam or phishing emails will be automatically I don’t want viagra ta very much!🤣

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