New beginnings

Well, my journey into the new has well and truly begun. I’m am officially trained as a Mindfulness teacher with a posh certificate now received! I’m now on the next stage of teaching meditation which falls into Mindfulness practice. These are just two things I have practiced over a few years and it has helped me immensely to ground myself, clear my mind of the bouncing thoughts that inevitably happen in this modern life, helps me reframe to reduce stress, worries and fears.

Now, that’s not to say that these niggles don’t creep in every now and then - hey, I am human! I haven’t denounced everything, I don’t have time to sit for hours meditating everyday, but this practice allows me to take a “time out”, notice those stressy feelings and deal with them as they arise. It has helped immensely over the past year with everything that has gone on, essentially allowing myself to keep my head when others have near but lost theirs.

It also helps with manifesting, allowing me to grow, choose my direction with more clarity and finds the mind space in which to grow the seeds to develop into an even more spiritually guided, people focused and compassionate person. We are all energy - fact! The law of attraction sees like for like, as above so below, as the universe so the soul. We receive what we give- so my thoughts and energy are towards ones of growth and expansion, with tasks within my life prioritised - that of which are currently with the eldest to get him on track too.

You may (if a regular) may see there hasn’t been much new at the moment, but things are on their way to being added slowly. So, do keep those peepers out there will be a few new bits added by next weekend!

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