My best wishes to all!

So, we in Wales are in full lockdown again. We are now unable to fulfil wishes of joy for our loved ones. A bolt from the blue, another knee jerk reaction to something that should have been dealt with weeks ago. I will leave for shopping once a week over the next few weeks (not sure how long this lockdown will be) so I will send any orders out then, to avoid leaving unnecessarily.

For some this is going to be the worst festive season ever, whether through loss of a loved one, not being able to see those we hoped to see, for those who have been made redundant or are on low wage furlough who have to stretch every penny (as a relatively new business and owner who has sunk everything into it) I’ve not been able to claim anything, even though sales have been just about keeping the cost of the site afloat and to purchase new stock when I can. I actually haven’t made a bean. But, with stoic address I’ve kept this little dream of mine alive and hopefully along the way bought a little joy somewhere and to someone.

So to all of you, I wish you a good as can be festive period and Yuletide and here’s looking forward to a hopefully better an brighter new year. Thank you to everyone who has supported me, spent what they could, as without you this little shop of mine would have just disappeared into the aether itself. So to all of you I send my brightest and bestest blessings. Xx 

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