Lest We Forget

My musings today can only lead me to Remembrance Day. In a time where our freedom has been stifled because of Covid, it may be hard to be grateful for what we have. Though many of our wants and needs cannot be fulfilled at the moment, we should all remember life could be a lot different if it wasn’t for the many thousands of lives taken too soon over a hundred years ago, for war to rear its ugly head again in 1939 - one all my grandparents shouldered burdens for. So we may not be able to rummage through the shops, we may not be able to go to the pub, go into work, eat out in restaurants or sadly not be able to be with family or friends, but even just for one day please be thankful for what you do have when all this is over. It’s unprecedented times against an “enemy” we cannot see, but now just as then small sacrifices to our lives will hopefully get us all through together, with sense of achievement, with sense of hope, with sense of togetherness. We are all bound together in this, please keep safe and Lest We Forget. Love, light, blessings to you all. Xxx

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