Last Prize Draw of 2020

Merry Meet & Hello!!

This is the last competition of the year to celebrate a whole year of Spirit Esoterica! It’s had its ups and downs, moments I wanted to chuck in the towel but through it all I’ve carried on in the hope that this next year might be better?! I hope I have bought you some joy and assisted those who need it. So up for grabs this time around we have a witchy pagan special worth over £35!!
Included in this prize bundle is:
A leather grimoire/BOS for your witchy scribblings
A metal bookmark so you never loose your place
Black Magick & Pagan Spell Incense
A teeny cauldron (sorry but it’s waaaaay too cute)
A spell candle holder for your all important candle Magick & deity worship
Plus I’ll make you up an aromatherapy blend - I’ll message the winner to find out the intention required.

Thank you everyone who has supported me over the last year, it has bought me a focus during what were some dark times at the beginning. You are all fab! Xxx

Like last time, COMPLETED ORDERS placed between now and September 29th 2020 will be entered. On September 30th these order numbers will be placed in my cauldron, given a stir, picked at random and waalaaa we’ll have a winner. The winner will be contacted via their chosen contact method used for their order. Good luck my beauties, wizards, pagans & witches! Xxx

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  • Can I just say a huge thank you, I’m just reading about the salve. The note that you wrote and all your little touches have proper cheered me up. You are really thoughtful and unique in what you do. You so deserve to get through this pandemic and it’s because of your uniqueness you and your beautiful little shop will come out the other side. Again thank you so much Nancy 😊 stay safe. X


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