Kindness without togetherness.

I hope everyone is fairing Ok with this epidemic. As the good souls I know we all are, can we please remember to check in on our vulnerable neighbours - this does not only include the elderly. This is people with mental health problems, MS, wheelchair users, MND etc etc. This doesn’t mean you have to come face to face with them, it can be something like a text asking if they are ok, it can be a note through the door offering your number if they need anything. My friend is going around his local estate posting notes with his phone number on offering to pick up food from click and collect at Tesco’s, to alleviate issues Tesco’s are having with deliveries being available. I have already gone up the rural lane on which I live offering assistance if they require it. These simple acts of kindness can mean the difference to someone living in isolation, who may otherwise have no one. In regards to panic buying, these are scary times but nothing is more scary than not being able to feed your loved ones or yourself if you are on your own. As an example, my brother has MS and is quite ill quite frequently (he has regular epidodes/fits) so cannot leave the house. His wife also has health issues such as respiratory problems and mental health. They tried to order food online so they wouldn’t have to leave the house- either there was nothing available they needed or the site crashed. To this end she had to leave the house to find nothing on the shelves. We need to make sure YES we have food, but only take what you need. My love and blessings to everyone.

Regarding deliveries: if you order from me I will ensure your items are packed wearing disposable rubber gloves and strict hygiene will be followed. I have had info from the couriers and Royal Mail staying they will still deliver but will do so following social distancing guidelines.

Many blessings to you all at this time.

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