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So, with a relatively normal service underway, I’m getting life back on track following the slightly stressful time over the last few months with two family members being v.v. ill in hozzie. I started a counselling course back in September, but with everything that went on felt I just couldn’t give what I needed to at the time, with soooo many assignments and me being me always aim to be the best I can be. So after an in depth discussion I have managed to essentially swap to different courses - which all told may be more along my path.

With the way of the world at present I’m really having to consider diversifying in order to support both this little business and my family. Barely ticking over, this website needs a new spark to add to the services it provides. So, with this said discussion I’m embarking on a slightly different approach.

I’ll be studying CBT in order to become a practitioner, Spiritual Life Coaching alongside Mindfulness Coaching and Meditation Practitioner. A full plate - yes indeed, I have used what money I paid to transfer over to the Advanced CBT and added a couple of extras in so I can essentially become an all round holistic practitioner.

It’s funny how occurrences can intially seem like a bit of a blow, however it is what we do with these experiences in order to plan and change the direction. So, onwards and upwards, in time I’ll be able to offer private online coaching and I hope I can gain support from you lovely peoples!


With love and light always


Spirit Esoterica


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