Happy New Year!!!

2019 has been a bit of a funny year for me, I’ve lost some loved ones, discovered myself, passed a holistic care course and started this business. I’ve begun to move forward from disappointments, battled mental health issues and feel now I’m on top. This business isn’t meant for riches, rather more of a way to enjoy what I’m doing, helping others and with the added bonus of shopping for interesting bits! I would like to thank everyone who has supported my new business, it means so much!

2020 is on its way and with it a chance to start anew. I don’t mean starting that faddy diet or visiting the gym more (although exercise is a great way to clear the preverbal cobwebs). As the New Year arrives under a waxing cresent moon it is an ideal time to explore personal growth and expectations. 

Some ideas to start 2020:

Change your mindset from should/could to can. We all get bogged down with the grind of daily living, where time just seems to fly by and never seemingly getting the chance to do the things we want. Take this year as an opportunity to actually do the things you know you should or could do. For example; “I really should ring mum a bit more”, “I should start meditating more”, “I could start a degree or course”. This sort of mindset doesn’t actually get things done, so why not change your view to doing. Ring mum, meditate, start that course. Even taking just 10 mins for yourself to meditate, journal, write, draw, bathe or craft and let this become part of your routine. Once you start making this time you will feel as if it’s always been there. 

Time for growth includes developing yourself, whether it’s learning a new aspect of the craft or starting something else new. When we begin to grow in ourselves, things seem to come into fruition more and more. It is with this positive growth we can affirm in ourselves that we are capable, worthy and hold a spark that ignites others.

Pay it forward - remember the film with Haley Joel Osmond where a boy who is poorly asks for people to do favours in kind and for the recipients to do the same? For some that have ordered from me, are aware that a little gift is given in thanks. A kindness in return as it were. Paying it forward doesn’t necessarily mean spending money or doing anything major! Sometimes a smile or hello can fill a person with hope and belonging. For those who may be lonely, just acknowledging them can make their day. Passing goodness on isn’t as hard as it seems. 

Positive affirmations everyday. You are important, worthy and unique. No one does you better, why try to be anyone else? Again we may not be in the mindset to be positive, whether it be from a “run of bad luck”, mental health issues or just feeling like you’ve lost your mojo. Life can throw curve balls which sometimes cannot be dodged. Use these down bits to identify what needs to be changed and use them to change circumstances or develop coping strategies. Finding time in your day to repeat some simple affirmations, whether it be when you wake up or before to go to sleep, try and say something positive about yourself or what you have achieved in your day. Let the positivity grow!

Help is on hand if you’re willing to receive it, taking the first step is often the hardest. If we spend our time looking backwards, we never get to see the path ahead. Find your path!! 

Happy New Year one and all, I hope 2020 brings you joy, peace, abundance and happiness!! All the very best blessings to you!

xxx Nancy xxx

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