Eeek it’s nearly Chrimble

Crumbs! November has gone quick! It’s been a busy month for me and my tribe (if you follow my pages on social media you’ll already know all about it). With my dad in law still in Cardiff hospital after undergoing a major op, then got sepsis, to then have to go back under the knife again as the graft has failed. He’s slowly getting there, but is likely to be in hozzie for a good two to three weeks again- we hope he’s out in time for Yule!! My big bro too has been poorly with his MS, so I’m taking a few days to go and see him and help celebrate his birthday next week.

Admittedly things have been on the back burner a tad, as it’s December next week I’ve got to get my bum in gear for gifting. Of course with the economic poo poo that’s occurred over the last few months, things will be a tad on the lighter side this year. I do try and shop in smaller independent shops for the more unusual bits, as owning one myself, know what it’s like to feel the pinch as sales drop off. So please, if you can, please remember the smaller businesses - whether on the high street (if you can find them! I know in Carmarthen; my main town, has seen a lot of closures) or online, and give them a little support. You might be able to find bits cheaper from some of the bigger players, but it’s us little ones who strive to provide for our families, work hard to provide you with a more personal experience.

So by supporting the little businesses this Yule, you will help us support and provide for our families too. Even if they are small items, or one or two things here and there, it means so much to think that we can continue, that what we do is worth it and that it gives us independence, so we can pay the ever increasing bills too, so we don’t have to close or rely on the Government for hand outs.

Spread a little Yuletide cheer and give your local or favourite online independent store a little hope.

L & L



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