Full Moon Soon!

Ok, cabin fever from boredom has set in...it’s wazzing it down, I’ve probably drunk way too much caffeine already this morning and I’m yearning to leave these four walls! So instead of climbing the walls, I did this. Not to say that this is “exactly what you must do on the Full Moon”, but is some info I’ve gleaned from my crafty reading from a variety of sources and placed into my BOS. Ultimately you will know what resonates with your path and style. You can see from the herby lists that some do cross-correspond so makes them great for combining the planetary and astrological elements for magicking. I, personally will be focusing on growth (personal and financial). Of course it goes without saying, divination during the full moon is a go-to, but you can tailor it to meet the specific Magick of the planetary or astrological associations. So, Magick away loves!

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