Full Moon! April’s Super Moon!

Full Moon Ahoy! Time for the emotional, spiritual and physical spring clean! A full moon in Scorpio energy is a good time for spells to get rid of bad habits, self-doubt and other unwanted energies in order to transform yourself and environment. Time to move toward a positive change by clearing away what is no longer needed - including those niggling thoughts, clutter and material items that you don’t need. Time to bring a little love too and don’t forget about yourself! A time for revelation and removing deception and secrets - including the lies or excuses we tell ourselves. We must face our fears and anxiety so we can begin to overcome them to create the life we want. Now is a time to raise your spiritual and vibrational energy.

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  • This is so meant for me these words have made me realise I’m stuck in a rut and need to decluts and move on… Blessed be


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