EEEK Its nearly here!

Ok, so I know its December but where on earth has the time gone??? Ive got some catching up to do with pressie wrapping!! We celebrate Yule in our house, but keep to the day of December 25th (as the rest of the family celebrate at this time) to get everyone together. Although it looks like its "gonna be lonely this Christmas...." with us deciding on not seeing anyone this year because of Covid. So just me, hubby and the boys celebrating - I'm sure we'll manage to FaceTime the old(ish) folk to wish them Merry, although its not the same as sitting and sharing stories and a feast. My heart goes out to everyone in the same boat this year, with thoughts going to all those who have lost someone - whether from Covid or otherwise which makes this time of year especially hard for some. So I ask of you to kindly check in on those who are vulnerable to loneliness, whether its knocking on the door (and socially distancing of course) and asking if they're ok, or phoning someone you know may be struggling this year. A small seed of kindness can go a long way. Also for those last minutes out there, please be aware that this year due to staff shortages in delivery services I'm setting last day as the week before, just to try and make sure you get your bits on time. I cannot guarantee they will arrive before the big day, but orders done by the 18th December will be sent out on the Saturday 19th in the hope they reach you in time. All orders placed after this time I cannot say they will get to you. As its the holidays, there will also be Bank Holidays over the next couple of weeks, so orders placed during these times will take longer to dispatch due to deliveries not being collected at this time. Many thanks for your understanding & hope your Solstice and Yuletide goes ok. Blessings, Love & Light to all xx

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