De-Stress Tea!

As a little request from a customer on the previous post, thought I’d pop this one up for you! Times have certainly been unusual and unprecedented over recent months! Time to festers and recharge! 

Choose 3 to 5 of these herbs in equal measure, grind with intention in your pestle & mortar and keep safe in a jar. You can add an amethyst tumble in your jar too, for added crystal healing oopmh! Just make sure it doesn’t fall into your tea, as the heat may make it crack! Add a tsp or two to your tea strainer, infuser mug or use a little reusable muslin tea bag, pour over very hot (not boiling) water and allow to steep between 5-10mins. Add a little honey to taste if you like.

Use when you are feeling vexed, anxious, burnt out, stressed.

**Do not consume if you are pregnant, have kidney or liver issues!**

**Some herbs may be mildly hallucegenic and calming. Do not drive or operate any heavy machinery after consuming!**

**Always check with you Dr if you are on medications or have health issues before considering using this as a complementary therapy**

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