Covid-19 Update

Good morning everyone. We have all woken up to a different world - we are on lockdown. I hope you guys are ok. Thank you to everyone who has listened to the advice. In regards to any orders that may be placed:

Orders will take longer to process during this time due to only leaving the home for essential supplies. There is a Post Office/Spar within my locale which I will be able to visit to get my bits. I will take any packages to this location to send when I HAVE to get the essentials. So please bear with me. All orders will be prepared under strict hygiene measures: FFP3 mask will be used, gloves and hand sanitiser. They will be processed away from the house (everything is in my Witch Cave!).

Love, light and blessings to you all. Stay well, love each other. We can all help save lives and keep our vulnerable and elderly safe. Thank you to our NHS, voluntary groups, essential workers you are worth more than gold. I hope this is remembered by everyone when this is over, as to how much of a sacrifice you have made to your own health and to that of your families. Xxx😘😘xxx

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