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I can’t believe we’re nearly at the middle of December, with my Dad in law now home- he isn’t doing too brill, I feel he’s been discharged too soon. My mum in law is struggling with him, he’s apathetic, withdrawn, unable to mobilise properly, not eating, forgetful and confused….a call to the GP has been made about the whole shabang. I feel he may have had a slightly bigger stroke than his previous TIAs and he has to go for a scan. It was recommended to mum in law by me to ring an Ambo, but I doubt with the current situation in the health care system he’d even get one there in the “Golden Hour”. I’ve had the lurghi- the delightful lingering cold that seems to be doing the rounds, so haven’t as yet been up there - I’m going there Monday and Tuesday to give her a little reprieve. She isn’t coping too well on her own, so again I thank you lovely people’s for your patience.

Anywho, update over; thought I’d mention Chrimbly Postage! As we know Royal Mail are striking throughout December, which means small businesses like mine are having to use other means of getting your goodies to you. As you can imagine, this is a busy time of year as it is for delivery companies, without the excess influx of parcels going through. To make sure I can get your bits to you please could you place any orders by Friday December 16th 😊? Please bear in mind there may be delays after this date and may very well be cutting it fine for the big day if you’re gifting fingys.

Could you also please fill in all the contact bits on the orders with your CORRECT details, this way I can add them to the delivery company in order for you to change your delivery date, note your safe place, leave with neighbour if you aren’t going to be available. I can’t be held responsible for mis-delivery of goods (ie they’ve tried to deliver your goods and you weren’t there- meaning it ends up somewhere in the system or it gets left on your doorstep because you haven’t identified with the company your “safe place”). Every effort is made to make sure you get your wonderful bits n bobs, with your details provided to make sure your goodies arrive and reduces the risk of loss. I don’t use your details for any other reason, other than sending emails to yourself about your order if necessary, to delivery companies so you can track and change delivery or if you’ve subscribed to the email list for when I (rarely) send out mail shots.

I obviously cannot keep track of everything and get your orders out as quickly as I can - normally within 3 - 5 working days - due to the current family situation. You will receive an email to say when your order is fulfilled and one with any tracking details if used.

There may be times when parcels do go awry…just path of the course with the volumes of parcels going through each system especially more so this time of year, it is rare but sometimes unavoidable - we again as small businesses strive to be brill, but ultimately are in the hands of the delivery Gods when they leave our hands. I have tried various companies throughout the years and seemingly all fail me at some point. If you do have a problem, please contact me, as I obviously cannot keep track of all the orders I send out. I know it’s disheartening for you if your parcel goes on the wonk, but please believe me it is extremely frustrating and disheartening trying to chase any issues-having to sometimes spend a couple of hours chasing a parcel and especially when I try so hard to bring a little cheer by adding extra goodies, writing thank yous - often spending time handmaking things to add a bit of love and light to your parcels. But please know I will always endeavour to get things sorted!!

As for any orders placed after this time (Friday 16th), there is no guarantee it’ll be with you in time for the big day. With the excess number of Bank Holidays coming up too, there will be changes in pick up times as many companies do not operate on these days.

Royal Mail Strikes: Wednesday 14 December, Thursday 15 December, Friday 23 December and Saturday 24 December 2022.

Evri: Saturday 17 December – last day for courier collections

Monday 19 December – send a parcel standard delivery from a ParcelShop by 11am

I hope this little update is of help?! I hope it also hasn’t come across too hard - it’s just sometimes some customers expect me to automatically know where their goodies are, or haven’t left their true details so they don’t get delivery updates, or even change delivery dates/safe place for when they’re not in. I do try my very bestest to provide a good service and will help in anyway I can if things do go wrong.

Anyway, I want to thank everyone who places an order for their continued kindness, patience and understanding. Without you, this little business wouldn’t run, I wouldn’t be able to support my family, wouldn’t be able to fulfill my dream. To you all I wish a prosperous festive season, filled with love, light and all things sparkly!!

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