Autumnal blessings!

It’s November(rrrrrr)! The weather here in Wales has been blustery and rainy..although I don’t mind a bit of rain it has been rarher too soggy for my liking! So here’s to hunkering down with my comfy stuff on and creating bits n bobs for Yule. There’s kind of a tradition in my family that at the festive table, we give a little pressie that we’ve made or created by our wee digits. From wonky scarves to gonks, piccies drawn and painted. Silly some might say, but it’s the process of creating something for the ones we hold dear, the positive energy and the genuine feeling of love that’s been put into each one that make them special - even if they are a little wonky 😊.

Don’t forget the Full Moon on the 8th- this is a lunar eclipse on the back of Scorpio, so beware my lovelies! I’m sitting this one out, deciding to spend it on a little self care and family. The energy at this time may be a tad tumultuous!




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