A Weary Witchy…

Ooof, I am a weary witchy today. For those who follow me on either IG or FB, you know there has been some turmoil with a couple of family members. My father in law and my big bro. Unfortunately my big bro has taken a turn for the worst having to be air lifted to hospital Thursday just gone, having had to have CPR. At this moment he is still with us, but with a heavy heart I think this may be his last run. Discussions have been had with Drs, he is no longer for CPR if he fails again. He is heavily septic, his kidneys aren’t working and his GCS is poor. He isn’t for an ICU bed because of his comorbidities. I await for the call to say he’s deteriorated further (as I have to sort out my lads and husband) and I’ll be heading off to Exeter. It is obviously my hope that his stubbornness not to conform with anything shines through and he improves, but I am preparing myself mentally and emotionally for the opposite. It is made harder by the fact I have to relay this information and explain to my mum and my eldest brother that we are in all likelihood going to lose him.

Then with my father in law being re- admitted to the Heath when he deteriorated after being sent home (too early in my opinion) and faces another operation this coming Thursday. So I’m in a poop sandwich. Being torn between two families, trying my best to be the the wise old oak tree, standing tall to shelter others from the storm and taking the hits.

So if I am quiet on social media, if you don’t hear from me for a couple of days, or if your order is delayed (I will message you with an update as to when I may be able to get them to you) it’s because I’m being pulled in different directions and I can’t be everywhere and do everything at once. So again my dear ones, may I express my deepest thanks for your patience and kindness.

With love, as always


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