A new journey…..

I’m on a journey, one that has taken some time to navigate. While on holibobs I discovered within myself an answer to a question I’ve been pondering over for a while.

“Should I do that counselling course I’ve been making excuses NOT to do?”

Over the last year or so, I’ve been making excuses or finding reasons why I shouldn’t, instead of focusing on why I should. Having time to actually question myself in the positive, rather than the negative - being so busy, it is quite easy sometimes to put things off - I began to take a look at the reasons why I SHOULD DO this.

My path is a wonky one, with twists and turns, ups and downs, good times and the not so good - like most. But when I actually began to pick apart all the experiences I have accrued, the work I have done, the books I read, people and places, have culminated to a point, one that has directed me here.

So, this week I embark on the first of my counselling diplomas…it’s going to be weird going back to learning, it’s been a while since my degree! It’s been a while since my Aromatherapy and Crystal Healing work. I’m working from bottom up, from the very beginning. So here’s to a journey that will help me help others find themselves, to become whole, to be part of life.

As with the Craft, learning is for life. We find things we relate to, things we didn’t know, things we wished we knew before. So if you’re contemplating or finding excuses not to do something…stop, think on the reasons as to why you should. 😊




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  • Thank you so much Nancy for my gorgeous delivery! I love the black crystal ball. I also really appreciate the little extras you added in for me.
    Thanks for replacing the crystal ball stand. It was a very speedy service with lots of little touches!


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