And the winner is Order Number 1075!

Congratulations to AF who ordered during the lockdown between 23/3 - 30/4 order #1075. You are the lucky winner of my little Crystal Bundle set. Well done you! 

So in times of stress, unsureness, anxiety I go to my crystals and meditate. Ever since I was a child I held a fascination with different stones and started collecting them to have at my desk when I was doing school work. I found comfort in them after a hard day. So during this time of uncertainty and picking up vibes - I'm a bit of an empath and can sometimes be a bit overwhelmed if others are stressed out - I'm normally cool and collected, but if I am around others who operate on high stress then I end up becoming stressed myself! 

To remedy this I find ten minutes to half an hour each day to do something I want, so it is normally meditate, fuss with my altar, read, journal, write - all with a crystal in my hand. So I have trawled my suppliers for some I've done a bit of learning on them - all in the effort to keep myself sane during this lockdown! All my crystals have a description with them to hep you with your learning and to find the right one for you! Check out the new ones in the Crystals/Gemstones section to see if there is something that might suit you for your workings!

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