A Chrimble hug to you all

Wow! What a year! Tumultuous to say the least! Happy times, stressful times and sad times, but we got through it- just 🤣!

I want to extend to all of you; who placed an order, supported me through the worst of it, held me up through the best of it and took your own energy and light to make this little business stay the course. Without you, I may have folded, given in and let the business turn to ash. But thanks to you, the embers still glow, waiting to reignite and burn brightly once more.

All orders placed from the 23rd December will be sent out on the 5th January. With so many bank holidays, no doubt more strikes, teamed with the fact I’ve had to fight delivery companies over the whereabouts on numerous parcels - I’m kinda done! If you follow me on IG or FB, you’ll know it’s been a pants year, including a very pants few weeks. I need a recharge! I’ve been so busy looking after others, trying to run the business to keep it going, working part time to keep the wolves from the door, having to juggle the many hats I wear as well as keep all the balls in the air- I’ve forgotten to take care of myself. I admit, I’m emotionally, mentally and physically tired and need to concentrate on my family and myself, so figured I’d use this time to do a bit of soul searching to figure out which direction I need to go in the New Year.

I hope all your dreams are manifested through this next new year, I hope that 2023 sees it in its heart to provide you with love, hope, happiness and health. To you all I wish a very merry festive season, no matter how you celebrate it.

With love, as always




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