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Hello and bright blessings! 

I have had a couple of queries over postage and check out procedures, so thought I’d do a little explanation.

In this day and age of “Prime”, where everything seems to be free postage, I know many of you would love to have free postage on your items. Unfortunately due to me being a lowly, small business I can’t offer free postage, I keep limited stock which are priced to be fair to my buyers - I could up the prices of everything to cover, but essentially wouldn’t be viable and would appear too expensive. As I try to reuse packaging I don’t actually charge for it (even though I do buy bits to wrap parcels and use bubble bags), the postage cost itself is worked to an average cost depending on the amount in your basket.

The prices vary, due to my stock and orders being of a varied nature and size (rather than say just selling t-shirts or candles, where postage can be added to each based on the average) it is worked out using Post Office measurements and prices. Most are small packages, which range from £3 up to £6.50, some of the larger packages are sent by Hermes. I send my items signed for so you can track the progress. I try and use the most efficient and cost effective means for the business and for you.

For example; a small parcel up to 2kg with Royal Mail costs £6.50 1st class signed for and £4.00 2nd class signed for. A large letter (which they are super finicky about - cannot be more than 2cm thick, as they try to ram it through their post checking device!) so a lot of the time I have to send as a parcel, even though it’s in a bubble envelope. Bigger packages weighing over 2kg can cost up to £16. So as you can see the charges are balanced and fair, I don’t make any money from them, to the point I’m often at a loss due to PayPal and Shopify fees! There is free shipping on orders of £50+.

In regards to your information at check out, your information is stored in compliance with GDPR Europe and Data Protection Act. If you have subscribed, then you may occasionally receive an email newsletter and you can unsubscribe at any time. If you have ordered or nearly ordered, then you will receive notifications regarding your order or a reminder of your basket, which are sent automatically to your chosen method of contact. There may be times when I email you independently if there is an issue or if their is an update on your order. Your information is not shared and only used in regards to orders or newsletters from Spirit Esoterica.


I hope this helps! Thank you for checking in with Spirit Esoterica and for your continued support. New items coming soon, so keep checking back to see what lovelies I have in store!


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