LAST ONES! Herbal/ Witchy Teas
LAST ONES! Herbal/ Witchy Teas

LAST ONES! Herbal/ Witchy Teas

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Anyone for tea? You can’t beat a good brew! During my many hours of scrolling and looking for healing and witchy things I came across these teas, aptly named Magic Tea, Touch the Ground Tea and Harmony Tea. So on closer inspection of the ingredients, thought them ideal for adding to the site. Made from organic ingredients, so super for supporting ecology and the environment.

Shoti Ma’s Magic Box: “We don't need fixing; we're not broken.To live graceful lives in a wild world, we need comfort and balance. Then, our amazing systems can take care of the rest.”

According to ancient wisdom, we have seven energy centres in the body called chakras - and 5 elements, which are life's symbolic building blocks. Each of these varieties of tea is formulated to comfort our senses and balance our energy centres. This selection contains all 12 Shoti Maa flavours. The Magic Tea bags are separated into 2 sections, each section has one of each of the varieties of the Shoti Maa lines, 7 Chakra Teas & 5 Element Teas. There is also a small 'inspiration card' for collecting or gifting. Made to Ayurvedic recipes, each one heightens and promotes your chakra areas, with the elements adding an extra boost before or after your magick! Examples include: Touch the Ground, Delighted, Sanctify and Purity Flame. 

Shoti Ma’s Touch the Ground Tea:Modern life can send the mind reeling. There is just so much to keep track of. To keep the feeling of being connected to the land, we can walk barefoot on the ground - to be connected to our mother Earth - to be Grounded For Life.”

'Touch the Ground' tea provides support and balance to the earth element, which keeps us in touch with the physical world we live in. This is a great tea to use to avoid feeling spaced out or too airy, enjoy this brew after meditating, vision work or in fact any magickal work or ritual to bring you back to Earth and regain balance. 100% oraganic infusion with honeybush, aniseed and sage as main ingredients (16 tea bags). 

Shoti Ma’s Harmony Tea:  Supports and harmonises all Chakra, especially the 7th. This delicious tea from the Shoti Maa Tea-collection is an Ayurvedic herb and spice tea from the Seven Chakras collection. This tea provides support to all of the Chakras and balances the aura, the energy field that surrounds you. This is a great tea to use to harmonise and balance your entire system. The perfect blend for a spicy life. Use to raise your vibrations to the max! 

100% organic, made with classic chai (without black tea) and include ingreients; Cinnamon (53%), ginger, cloves, black pepper, cardamom, fennel, cinnamon extract, rose petals, turmeric root,  raspberry leaves.