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A lovely fragrant herb, Sweet Flag (Calamus) is mainly associated with the darker deities due to its mystical use in binding spells and charms. Crushed with other herbs of a healing nature or on it’s own to create a healing incense or sachet/jar. Used to strengthen any spell work, but proves most efficient in binding work.

In Europe, Calamus Root is called German Ginger and has been long used to flavor wines and herbal bitters. At one point it was used as a strewing herb to hide foul orders deriving from poor sanitation during the Middle Ages. North American natives often chewed on the root as a stimulant much like coffee or cocoa.

It was later adapted in the use of 'flying ointments,' as the root contains a group of compounds called asarones, which produce a mild narcotic effect, this enhanced & promoted hallucinogenic changes to the consciousness, thus tying it to become known as a 'Witch's Herb' and ties it to 'Black Magic.' 

Add it to magickal mojo bags, Witch Balls, Potpurri Blends, Witch Bottles & other herbal mixtures (not meant for consumption) that help to achieve a desired goal in spell casting. Since it is a root, it holds strong ties to the element of Earth, bringing great grounding to one's energy for clear thought & reconnection. This stability in energy, allows one to achieve dominance in their own life, taking control over matters that seem out of grasp. It helps to build confidence, which can enhance persuasions, healing, strength & balance.

Because it works so well to ignite the energy between the root & solar plexus chakras, it encourages an energy that multiplies manifestation power & prosperity. Magic is neither black nor white, so it is up to the user to determine how they will use this new found power & distribute the energy conjured. 

In short:

Magick: Healing, Protection, Warding, Purification, Spiritual Growth, Raising Vibrations, Knowledge

Gender: Feminine

Element: Water

Planet: Moon

Day: Monday

Deities: Hecate, Diana, Isis, Morrigan, 


Please do not ingest or consume this herb...it is classed as poisonous! Comes in a little baggie weighing approximately 25g.