Poppets/ Voodoo Dolls
Poppets/ Voodoo Dolls
Poppets/ Voodoo Dolls

Poppets/ Voodoo Dolls

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Hello Poppet!........

Poppets have been used throughout time, across various continents and belief systems from voodoo, hoodoo, witchcraft and mirth.The magickal poppet is one of the most commonly used implements in sympathetic Magick,  following along with the theory that “like creates like.” They can be a bit controversial depending on your path or belief system. Poppets are humanoid or animal shaped dollies designed to assist with certain magickal practices.

Some use it in darker magick to inflict an intention or return energies back on a certain person or thing such as negative energy, hex/curse/jinx, binding etc. They can also be used in light work to assist a certain person with healing. They are a very common form of sympathetic magick and can be used to manifest a number of desired effects. If someone is suffering from an illness or just needs an emotional overhaul then they can be used for this purpose too. They can be used in love spells, but don’t forget your magickal ethical code....if you have one?!

Poppets usually contain herbs and crystals specific to the intention along with a tag lock to direct the energy to the particular person. Tag locking involves using specific items belonging to the person who is to receive the intention from hair, fingernails, their name, something written by them or something else personal. There are a variety of herbs and essential oils on this site which you can add to your poppet. They also make quite cool decoration in your witchy, gothic or pagan home and may serve as a bit of a talking point.

These have been designed to be re-used, just ensure you use a new bottle and to smudge them over when intention is completed. Wouldn’t harm to put them in the windowsill during the New Moon for a new intention prior to casting, or during a waning moon to release old intentions.

These poppets are unique and have been designed and handmade by myself. Each poppet includes a portion at the back to insert your own tag locks and herbs/crystals - after all it is your magick! Included with your poppet is a small vial to put your bits inside the dolly. Each one varies in design and uses varied fabrics, including vintage lace and material, so each design will vary but will take on a rustic look.

 These are not toys so should not be given to babies , young children or animals due to them being a choking hazard because of small parts. The stuffing complies with UK Fire Retardancy testing 

Wash by hand, not suitable for washing machine.

Who’ve we got?:

Hestia - The little green goddess who holds the key to wisdom or success. Named after the Celtic Goddess, who was associated with keys, as the keeper of supplies and household. I could have called her Hecate, but thought Hestia suited her better. She has an antique Honiton lace shawl, with a little patch heart tucked away underneath.  Green ribbon lace up the back, includes an empty spell bottle to add your tags , herbs, oils or crystal chips.  

Ysbryd Glas - This green/blue coloured chap is named In Welsh as Blue Spirit. He seems quite jolly, although by the looks of him has taken a few knocks in his time!  With a tuft of hair and wonky smile he seems to have taken life in his stride.  Featuring a burgundy heart and a popper to secure his bottle.



These cheeky chappies are hand sewn and made from felt. Each one varies slightly and are the cheaper poppet designs on the site. Use in the same way as the others, however these do not have a lace up back or bottle.

Do not wash these critters, as they are made from felt are likely to disintergrate!