Passionflower herb

Passionflower herb

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Passion flower has been discovered in clinical trials to reduce anxiety and depression, due to containing beta-carbolises and harmarla (which form the same class of chemicals as monamine oxidase inhibitors MAOIs). Said to assist people to fall asleep and induce relaxation, also apparently assists with reducing pain. As a nervine is said to soothe and an overactive nervous system. 

Passionflower is known as an herb of peace and contentment. According to folklore, when passionflower is worn as an amulet or in a spell bag or placed in the home, it calms chaotic energy and promotes serenity. It is also believed to attract friendship. Passionflower may be used in magical processes as an incense for meditation to calm an overactive mind and may assist dreamwork. May be associated with Venus, the Moon (due to its mildly sedating effect) or Neptune (because of slight hallucinogenic properties). As the name may suggest this flower may be used in love Magick.

Magick: Peace, Contentment, Calming. Serenity. Dream Work, Love, Friendship.


Planet: Moon, Neptune, Venus

Gender: Feminine

Sign: Leo

Deities: Venus, Hypnos, Hestia, Flora

Comes in a half ounce bag (14g).