Witch Hazel Leaves

Witch Hazel Leaves

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Witch hazel, also known as Hamamelis, is a flowering plant in the Hamamelidaceae family, the American FDA consider it to be a medical plant and is a popular addition in many beauty products, particularly prized in toners and clarifying products (in its distilled state). You can make a tisane from the leaves, leave to cool and use as a refreshing toner or finishing facial wash for clarifying the skin.

Although it has the word “witch” in it, it doesn’t actually have anything to do with witchcraft. Its name comes from the Middle English “wiche” which comes from the Old English “wice” which meant “pliant” or “bendable” and didn’t have anything to do with magick or witches, although the “Y” shaped branches are used to divine for water. 

Carry the leaves with you if you are brokenhearted to help you heal and to overcome the feelings of loss you are experiencing. This works for any heavy emotions you are feeling in your life, as the magickal properties of witch hazel will help you to find emotional balance. Hang witch hazel leaves in mojo/ spell bags at doorways and windows for protection and to keep out malevolent influences and negative energies. The leaves are quite roughly chopped, making them ideal for stuffing poppets.

For an easy banishing spell, write down what you want to remove from your life (a name, short sentence or keyword) and place it in a small bowl. Fill the bowl with enough witch hazel to completely cover your piece of paper. Set your intentions and then leave the bowl in the light of a waning moon overnight. The next day, bury the witch hazel and paper away from your home. 

In Short

Magick: Divination, Protection, Grief, Healing, Warding

Deities: Apollo, Lugh and Horus

Zodiac: Libra

Planet: The Sun and Saturn

Element: Fire

Gender: Masculine


Comes in a sealed bag weighing approximately 14g (1/2 oz).