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This is Winter Savoury, a herb most commonly associated with flavouring meat, stews, game and legumes…which not only gives it a delicious taste but is itself an eupeptic (aids digestion) and has sedatory and antispasmodic properties, which is quite handy when considering these dishes are harder to digest often making feelings of bloatedness, windy pops and belly cramps.  

Savoury is a plant rich in p-cymene, a component that extends the life of brain transmitters, acting at the level of brain enzymes (it is called the anticholinesterase effect). This particular component is being studied as a remedy against nervousness and the treatment Alzheimer’s. A useful anti inflammatory and carminative, can be useful as a gargle for sore throats.

Now magickally both Winter and Summer Savoury share similar attributes, with Winter Savoury being the stronger and less subtle flavour of the two. Both plants are members of the mint family that have been prized throughout the centuries as potent sex medicines, however there is some contradictions dependent of how much and what you read! Summer supposedly illicits more desire and used as an aphrodisiac, with Winter possessing the opposite action. 

Magickally use as a burning incense (or pop in a simmer pot) to assist with relieving negativity - you know the gloomy cloud that can sometimes sit above our heads, making way for clearer thoughts, improved concentration and memory. Which is why maybe, it does have use as a kind of aphrodisiac, clearing away the gloom and allowing a little love in instead! It proves itself useful within magickal healing poppets for pretty much any ailment.

In Short:

Magick: Increased drive, Memory, Concentration, Health, Clearing, 

Planet: Venus


Element: Air

Deities: Pan, 

Comes in a sealed bag weighing approximately 14g (1/2oz)