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Tonka Beans

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These little beauties smell very unique! Its flavour is prized by culinary chefs...however comes with a strict warning! The taste is one apparently one that resembles vanilla with the scent to match. South Americans have used Tonka Beans in flavouring their foods for centuries, however in America the FDA have made them illegal for consumtion, this is due to the high levels of coumarin contained within the little bean which is toxic to the liver. So guys…although you may read that some places still use this ingredient for consumption…please don’t! 

Associated with the element of water and the planet Venus, they are used in Voodoo and Hoodoo spell work for love and luck. These beans can be carried and charged to either attract love or fortune into your life. Placing one in your wallet or purse ensures you’ll always have money attracted to you, or add a Tonka bean to a red mojo bag to attract romance into your life. You can hold a Tonka bean, make a wish, and then throw it into running water to ensure that the wish comes true.

Carry a charm made with Tonka to provide you with courage and to ward off illness. Try making a little bracelet with a tonka bean on, drill a dinky hole and thread with cord - why not add a few crystals to boot for some extra oomph!

RECIPE!!! Attraction drawing oil

You can make your own Tonka infused oil which can be used to anoint candles, add to blends, use in spell work relating to love, money and attraction….it may take a little time to do as the bean is really quite tough, so grating the skin lightly if you have the time may be the answer. 

Find a low scented carrier oil (grape seed oil is fab and relatively light weight) and place into a jar that has a screw top lid  (clean please....we do not want Ragu in the mix!). Pop the oil in up to about half way. Now gently grate the skin of the tonka beans into the oil (roughly one to two tonka beans to 100ml), this gently grazes the skin allowing any oils to escape then add the whole beans. Create a double boiler by getting a small pan of water and seating the jar in the middle of the saucepan. Heat gently for a couple of hours….yup it is a bit time consuming and make sure that you top up the water as it becomes lower. Avoid as best possible getting any water into the mix as water creates a means for little microbes to grow in your infusion as it develops. Once it has been gently…I repeat gently warmed…we are not going for a rapid boil just a very lazy simmer, remove from the heat and when cooled enough for you to take the jar from the saucepan, top it up with more carrier oil (normally to the neck of the jar to give a little room to shake).

Once totally cool (we don’t want any condensation in the jar so we can avoid microbes) seal the jar with the lid, give a little shake and place somewhere dark (if you have a spare draw or airing cupboard handy then this is a good pace to keep it as it develops) - you may be wise to wrap in grease proof paper, just to keep any oiliness from getting onto anything just in case it leaks or tips over. Keep for a few weeks (about a month or so) to allow to develop - every so often give the jar a little shake to disperse the oils.

You can add other herbs alongside the tonka beans whilst doing this, depending on what it is you are trying to draw to you…for example for money you could use jasmine flowers, or for love then rose petals or vanilla pods are nice to add. Now you can keep this for as long as needed, as the older it gets the stronger the infusion. You can choose to strain the liquid and decant to another clean jar if you choose but I actually like keeping the herbs in when I do an infusion. 

In short: Money, Love, Attraction, Courage

Element: Water

Planet: Venus

Gender: Feminine

Deities: Aphrodite, Venus, Hathor, Freya, Brighid

Come in a little baggie weighing approximately 25g. Not for consumption!