NEW! The Wiccan Handbook
NEW! The Wiccan Handbook

NEW! The Wiccan Handbook

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This neatly sized hardcover book sets an introduction to Wicca, the Earth based religious aspects of seasons, energies and “holidays”. Not too big and should fit nicely into a large handbag ideal for taking on planes, trains or the bus to college or work. I think most of us start out in witchcraft by looking at Wicca, so this book should settle you in nicely! 

The Wiccan Handbook is here to help you understand modern witchcraft and learn how to live in harmony with yourself and the natural world. Find detailed information on the most important elements of the wiccan way of life, understand how magic works and learn how to practice witchcraft yourself, bringing more meaning, guidance and direction to your everyday life.

Discover the history of witchcraft

Learn about the witches that have come before you, the origins of modern misconceptions about witchcraft and how the practice of witchcraft continues to evolve to this day. Learn all about:

  • How magic and goddess worship shaped the ancient world
  • How the rise of Christianity came into conflict with witchcraft, leading to the rise and fall of witch-hunting
  • How modern witches have inherited their ancient legacy and practice witchcraft both individually or in covens.

Master the tools of the trade

Discover magical tools and how to incorporate them into your practice, including:

  • Focusing your intentions with crystals, herbs, incense, candles and even ink and paper
  • Creating and using talismans, charms, and amulets
  • Setting up your altar
  • Gaining insight with runes, magical numbers and astrology
  • Casting protective circles with a wand or an athame.

Create magic in your life

Start using charms, rituals and spell-casting in your own life. Learn how to use magic to:

  • Manifest a loving relationship, solve intimacy problems and create lustful encounters
  • Create abundance, empower yourself in interviews and gain insight on twists of fate
  • Learn how to celebrate the sabbats of the witch's calendar to help you live in sync with the natural rhythm of the year.

Author: Susan Bowes

Type: Hard Cover

Pages: 144

Publisher: Pyramid (2021)

ISBN-10: 0753734613

ISBN-13: 978-0753734612

Dimensions: 13.9 x 1.8 x 18 cm