Small Crystal (Gemstone) Balls - Gemstone
Small Crystal (Gemstone) Balls - Gemstone
Small Crystal (Gemstone) Balls - Gemstone
Small Crystal (Gemstone) Balls - Gemstone
Small Crystal (Gemstone) Balls - Gemstone
Small Crystal (Gemstone) Balls - Gemstone
Small Crystal (Gemstone) Balls - Gemstone
Small Crystal (Gemstone) Balls - Gemstone
Small Crystal (Gemstone) Balls - Gemstone
Small Crystal (Gemstone) Balls - Gemstone
Small Crystal (Gemstone) Balls - Gemstone
Small Crystal (Gemstone) Balls - Gemstone

Small Crystal (Gemstone) Balls - Gemstone

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As much as I’d love to be able to afford popping the large gemstone/ crystal balls on here, pennies just won’t they are super expensive at the moment! So, as a little compromise I’ve found some dinkier versions that measure about 3.5cm(ish). While not as grand as their big cousins, they are very tactile - why not start a mini collection!

Versatile little orbs which can be used as a focus point in spells or rituals, as an altar decoration, mediation tool or worry stone. Crystal spheres emit energy in all directions at once, and this property makes them excellent tools for many purposes, including energy healing, environment cleansing, crystal grids, meditation and massage. A sphere is a perfect shape and considered sacred in many cultures. It’s the expression of unity and completeness, no beginning or end, with it being the most symmetrical shape; therefore, crystal spheres radiate powerful, high-vibration energy. Each comes with a dinky plastic stand.

 Aventurine - Associated with the Heart (4th) Chakra

Element - Earth

Birthstone Month - August

Zodiac Sign - Libra & Virgo

Keywords: Prosperity, Calming, Luck, Leadership, Independence, Opportunity, Vision

Green Aventurine is a positive stone of prosperity.  It helps mental healing and protects against electromagnetic pollution that can be created through everyday electronic devices. As it assists in mental healing, it is a good crystal to calm anger and irritation. Carry it with you for luck, affirm it with “Luck follows me everywhere”.

Black Obsidian - Associated with the Root (1st) Chakra

Element: Fire & Earth (as it is formed from volcanic lava) 

Keywords: Grounding, Reflecting, Hex-breaking, Protection

Reveals hidden or lost objects. When used as a meditation or divination tool is said to reveal hidden issues by encouraging inner work and release of negative emotions that no longer serve. Used in shadow work, confront your shadow self and enter the realm of darkness, it creates space for a deep spiritual cleanse. A grounding stone used to rebalancing and cleanse, it can be a powerful cleanser for the smog that builds up in your aura allowing space to also stimulate your gift of prophecy or foresight. When used in magickal workings is said to protect from negative energies and influence. Can be used in reversal hex’s or breaking negative spells set by others when rotated counter-clockwise, in essence unwinding the spell. Obsidian’s shiny surface is used as a mirror scrying tool.

Orange Calcite - Associated with Sacral (2nd) Chakra Element: Fire
Planet: Sun 
Sign: Leo

Keywords: Happiness, Motivation, Creativity, Energy Clearing and Charging, Positivity, Joy, Activating 

If you are in need of motivation or feeling a little lost with your soul purpose, then orange calcite is a fab one to own. We all, no matter how hard we try, lose focus and hit a slump every now and then, concentrating on the Sacral Chakra use in healing to promote unblocking and activation of this chakra point. By doing so alleviates that laziness you might be feeling, boosts motivation and overall vitality. It will reframe your mindset allowing you to come up with ideas, solutions and inspire you to take those steps forward. It is an energising and cleansing stone, particularly for the lower chakras, when concerned with our feelings of belonging in the world, being connected to others, the planet and our creativity. It is an excellent stone to choose to balance the emotions and release feelings of fear and anxiety. As it is formed from a base constitute of Calcium is useful in bone health and other body systems associated with the Sacral Chakra, so for healing purposes dowsing over problem areas may prove useful. A spiritual stone linked to the realms of Higher Consciousness, it will facilitate meditation or rituals designed to expand your awareness and aid your spiritual growth. In divination; facilitates intuitive visions, enhances your psychic powers and aids in channeling overall. 

Rose Quartz - Associated with Heart (4th) Chakra

Element -  Water,

Birthstone Month - January

Zodiac Sign - Taurus.

Keywords: Calming, Peaceful, Love, Emotion, Release

Symbol of love (relative to Roman belief systems) as in myth is the blood of Adonis and Aphrodite, this crystal may assist in opening the heart chakra. Assists in release of emotional stress ( best to use with grounding stones as reaction can be quite powerful). Uncovers issues towards negative behaviours towards your own self image, uncovers your inner beauty. Inspires feelings of love or friendships, which is why this tends to be used as a relationship stone. Try meditations with this crystal to open your heart or heal from a heartache, whether it be through a break-up or parting of a loved one. If using your pendulum for healing, concentrate over the heart chakra - you may see a difference in the swing after a while as it unblocks this important centre.

Red Jasper - Associated with the Base/Root (1st) Chakra.

Keywords: Protection, Endurance, Passion, Stabilising, Dream Recall

Red jasper is known to be sacred to the Welsh goddess Cerridwen, attributed to Inspiration and knowledge, rules gifts of prophecy and magic, and powers death and rebirth. She is the guardian of spiritual transformation. Red Jasper may be used to honor Isis, the Egyptian Goddess of Life. She is widely respected as a Goddess of the divine feminine, and is known for her steadfastness in taking care of her family and using her power to protect them. Jasper honours Bona Dea,  the Roman Earth Goddess of Fertility and the Greek Goddess of Women. She protects women through all of their changes, and is a skilled healer, particularly with herbs.

It is a powerful stone of protection, for both the physical and spiritual realm. Red Jasper was known as a stone of vibrancy and endurance, a talisman of warriors and a promoter of justice, protection and life. A stone of passion, useful for restoring and rejuvenating the libido, and in manifesting creative ideas. It provides vivid dream recall, and is a powerful stone for those who work with Earth energies to make a deep connection with Earth spirits and guardians of leys and sacred sites. Its cleansing effect eliminates negativity, returning it to its source, and stabilising the aura. It is an ideal worry or rubbing stone for soothing the nerves and restoring balance.

Snowflake Obsidian:  Associated with the Base/Root (1st) Chakra.

Keywords: Balance, Purification,Transformation, Fulfilment, Manifestation, Practicality, Psychic ability

A stone of purity, Snowflake Obsidian provides balance for body, mind and spirit. It assists with drawing emotions to the surface, these emotional releases will be “hot” at first, but will eventually “cool” down. This sense of newly found calm will bring you tranquility and the grounding you need to start a fresh beginning. With generic healing properties of obsidian, Snowflake Obsidian is calming and soothing. It helps you recognise and release “wrong thinking” and stressful mental patterns by promoting dispassion and inner centring. An empowering stone when isolation and loneliness (aka peace & quiet!) is required, which aides surrender in meditation. Snowflake Obsidian will help you achieve a clearer and more logical way of thinking, allowing you to grasp new concepts, retain new information, and remember important things. A very protective stone, wearing it will give you a sense of security and stability, charge it to block and protect you from negative energies that want to enter your life. When it comes to wealth and abundance, Snowflake Obsidian will remind you of the importance of perseverance and determination.

Please note, due to being made from natural materials, size may vary slightly and so to will the colour and formations within the gemstone itself.