Sloe Berries

Sloe Berries

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Sloe are the dark, rich berries of the blackthorn tree. Blackthorn itself is often used in warding Magick, with the spiky long thorns used as needles in poppets. Blackthorn is closely associated with Samhain the Wiccan celebrations of Hallows eve (Halloween). Death, rebirth and the different aspects of life, warding also against negativity and evil. These dried berries can be used as protective charm to carry with you. If you are seeking protection from psychic attack and negativity for instance, you can add the crystals Black Tourmaline and Selenite to your charm bag along with the dried berries.

Hang the sachets above your door to protect your property or carry with you in a pouch to protect yourself. If adding to incense, then they are best ground down into smaller pieces and added to other herbal blends before smoldering on charcoal discs.

A Samhain incense can be made by using:

2-3 dried sloe berries (to keep safe, heal and purify)

1 teaspoon Frankincense resin (for protection and sanctity)

1-2 drops of myrrh essential oil (to honour the dead)

A beverage can also be made by carefully bruising a few dry berries, steep in just off the boil water for 5 minutes, sweeten with honey to taste. You can add other bits too, such as rosehips to heal one’s heart from sadness, or mix with other protective herbs such as nettle, Angelica root etc. 

In Short:

Magick: Protection, Exorcism, Samhain Activites

Gender: Masculine

Element. Fire

Planet: Mars

Comes in a baggie weighing approximately 25g