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Loose Sandarac Resin

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Sandarac comes from the natural exudate or tapping of the Tetraclinis Articulata tree, which grows in the North West of Africa particularly in the Atlas Mountain range.  Sandarac is a pale yellow, easily fracturing resin, which emits a light, fresh, lemony aroma when burnt. Gum Sandarac is known in parts of the Middle East as ‘Gold’, which is why there may be some conjecture over the real meaning of Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh. Sandarac was traditionally used in Arabic cultures for ceremony, prayer, healing and ritual. It is a natural aromatic, and it can be used to create a special high energy sacred space and is known to be uplifting and peace-bringing.

Sandarac is a folk medicine in Morroco, and it is used to relieve cramps and bring an atmosphere of calm during childbirth. It is also used to make a liquor that is drank for relaxation and medicinal properties (for obvious reasons I can’t say to do this!!) Sandarac was used internally treating tapeworm and roundworm (again…not advising this) and is still used today in the Arabic world to treat a cold by burning on charcoal.

It is an ideal incense to cut through thick air, dispel negative energies and to lift dark clouds from the soul. Gum Sandarac has a playful character that stimulates creativity and can be used to mark fresh beginnings - clearing out the old and engaging with the new in a fresh, forward thrusting drive.

Sandarac got its name from the Assyrian words for "as bright as the moon," referring to a mineral that it resembles - Aristotle thought the tear shaped gum came from bees!  When heated it’s aromatic scent is very relaxing, often used as a fixative in woody, pine, or oriental perfumes and blends well with other resins. This is a useful resin for when you want to reframe yourself, so burn perhaps during meditations time instil calm for you to focus, invokes a clear frame of mind and helps clear negative energies as you work on inner thoughts. 

Sandarac has a Saturn like attribute in its association with Jupiter, but also offers a Moon like appearance with a scent that relates to Mercury, possesing different aspects in that it is both fresh/ light and heavy/ dark. Therefore when working with the Moon phases offers up opportunity to use in waxing/waning/ full moon workings, especially when mixed with other resins or herbs associated with whichever phase you are working with. It is also a useful stand in when Gum Mastic is required.

In Short:

Magick: Moon Phase Magick, Calming, Inner Focus, Uplifting, New Beginnings

Planet(s): Moon/ Saturn

Gender: Feminine

Element: Water/ Fire

Deities: Triple Goddesses, Saturn, Freya

To note this is true Sandarac (Tetraclinis Articulata) - I have had it imported from Morroco and is not the incorrectly named Sandarac which is obtained from cypress pines - the genus Callitris. Comes weighed out my lil’ ole me! Weight approximately 25g, As this is natural resin, each lumpy bumpy will vary in size as it has been naturally scraped and sourced. Not for consumption.