Pre-packed Osha Root (Snake Root) 30g
Pre-packed Osha Root (Snake Root) 30g
Pre-packed Osha Root (Snake Root) 30g
Pre-packed Osha Root (Snake Root) 30g

Pre-packed Osha Root (Snake Root) 30g

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The root of Osha (Ligusticum poteri), also known as 'Bear Root' and occasionally 'Snake Root' distinctively lies above the ground and is normally quite large, hairy and dark brown in colour. It's found growing in areas above 10,000 feet in altitude, often in rugged alpine clearings. It has acquired different names over the years, such as Porter's Lovage, Indian Parsley and Bear Medicine. With Osha root a little goes a long way! This is a strong root and it’s all about quality not quantity!

North Americans view the herb as having great power and luck, and as such it's often carried as a lucky talisman. When burnt, it produces a warm and slightly spicy aroma, which is believed to purify the air. Some Native American peoples carry the root of the osha plant (ligusticum poteri) because it is thought to protect against negative influences and negative thoughts. Osha is associated with dreaming and helps you to realise that there is magic in everything, including you. It helps to lift a veil between the conscious and unconscious worlds.

Osha is a powerful, spicy-smelling root that may be sprinkled onto the rocks in a sweat lodge, or burnt directly. Traditionally, osha root was sometimes ingested to cause a sweat or fever that could release toxins from the body. Often referred to as “Bear Medicine” due to the fact wild bears seem to munch on it for their ills, has been said to be antiviral in nature offering healing with things like flu, colds, bronchitis among other things. (Obviously I cannot advise on doing this!). 

 "Osha is used as an herbal remedy for a general array of problems by the Pueblo Indians. As a talisman, Native Americans believe osha wards off rattlesnakes when worn around the ankles." Meditating with the herb can place one in touch with nature and the Spirit of the Bear. It can bring on a sense of peace and Strength. 

Soak the root in water and wash a space or person with the water to remove negativity and bring protection.

The root can be used as a talisman and to 'potentiate' the contents of a 'medicine pouch'. It is also a good cleansing herb that can be used prior to ceremonies or rituals. Use for protection, also when carried attracts money.

In Short:

Magick: Increases power of other Magick ingredients, Cleansing, Money, Inner/ Shadow work, Luck, Purification, Removes Negativity

Gender: Feminine

Planet: Saturn

Element: Earth

These are whole root pieces which you may grind, cut, steep etc. Comes in a pre-packed bag weighing approximately 30g.