Olive Leaves

Olive Leaves

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Various bits of Magick and lore relate to this Mediterranean tree, not only prized for the oil that comes from the fruits but also as the tasty treat nibbles. In history it has been used as a means to signify peace and hope- think of the phrase “extending an olive branch”. The oil was used to mark the Olympians foreheads in Ancient Greece, whilst also burnt as fuel for lamps in ancient temples. As an anointing oil was used to aid healing, so work with this leaf for healing spells of any kind.

When set within a room is said to promote peace and calm to the environment and rid negative energy; great for mojo bags or mixed with pot pourri, when placed in a a room to help keep things calm. 

Branches of olives (can’t see why a mojo bag wouldn’t work as well!) guards the house of evils.

Balance comes by way of this dried leaf, by the very nature of the tree. Although it is hardy having to grow in warm climates, it requires a balanced amount of heat, sun, water and nutrients from its terrain to produce fruits. Too much or too little and the tree fails. Use in Magick related to finding your own balance in life. 

Carry with you as a luck charm, perhaps pop it in a little bag and carry with you. 

Athenian brides wore crowns of olive leaves to promote fertility, while the fruits themselves apparently increase lust and potency in men!

A ring of Olive leaves can help raise the vibrations of the aura & help with spell-casting when dealing with manifestation. Set around your candle for candle Magick or add to your manifest incense after crushing slightly.

Drink as a tea during Full Moons to stabilize emotions & calm your energy. 

Alternative Uses:  When steeped in boiling water (5-15mins) as a daily tea, Olive leaves are said to help with stimulating brain function & cardiovascular health. Always check with your GP before taking any herbal supplements, especially if you are on heart medication, BP medication or blood thinners. 


Magick: Healing, Peace, Protection, Fertility and Luck

Gender: Masculine

Planet: Sun

Element: Fire 

Deities: Ra, Athena, Irene, Apollo, Minerva


Comes in a baggie weighing approximately 14g (1/2oz).