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Also known as Queen of the Meadow, this was one of three sacred plants for Druids (alongside vervain and wild mint) and was strewn around a sacred circle for blessings.

Meadowsweet was used historically by herbalists for a wide variety of conditions, including treating rheumatic complaints of the joints and muscles.Nicholas Culpeper, a 17th-century English pharmacist, mentioned its use to help break fevers and promote sweating during colds and flu. Traditional herbal references also indicate its use as a diuretic for people with poor urinary flow. It was also thought to have antacid properties and was used by herbalists to treat stomach complaints, including heartburn. Heavily full of salicylicates, which is found in aspirin ( this is where the original aspirin comes from!) may be used in treatment of arthritic complaints when drunk as an infusion (do not consume if on anti-coagulative meds) and has sedative effects. Meadowsweet was among the most sacred herbs of the Druids and in the olden days it often served as a brewing herb for sacred ales and meads.

In the Mabinogion it is told that, among other herbs, Meadowsweet served as a magical ingredient to create the flower maiden 'Bloddeuedd' who was to be the wife of Llew Llaw Gyffes, thus it is often associated with love magic. Use at the altar when drawing up love sachets and charms, add as a herb and roll in your love spell candle, add to spell jars. Make a brew of rose, meadowsweet and hibiscus for a full on love tea, or make an incense or brew pot.

Used in olde worlde times as a strewing herb (to scent the air and remove grim smells) and was a favourite of Queen Elizabeth. It is said to calm and bring peace to your environment, of course this is dried cut meadowsweet but if you can find the fresh item, use to place at your altar in your home to instil calm. For a shot of courage, wear as a talisman or carry with you in an orange pouch - adding some dried orange peel too to accentuate your courageous side. Due to its dreamy nature - the little flufty tufts, is said to allow the bearer to attune with the realm of the Fae.

A gentle vibed herb...kind of reminiscent of a lazy summer stroll through the meadow. Its powers are subtle, but noticeable.

In Short:

Magicking: Fae work, Courage, Peace, Calm, Love, Happiness

Gender - Now although Cunningham suggests its masculine in nature, I feel it is definitely more feminine - especially when looking at its attributes.

Planet - Cunningham says Jupiter....but again, feel it is more of a Moon type herb

Element - Air....and I think Water too!

Deities: Jupiter, Zeus, The Daghda, Thor, Diana, Selene

Comes in a little baggie weighing 14g (1/2oz)