Pre-packed American Mandrake Root
Pre-packed American Mandrake Root
Pre-packed American Mandrake Root

Pre-packed American Mandrake Root

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I’ll begin first with a wee warning, only because I’m a good witchy and unlike other sites, who give little information I feel it necessary just to make sure everyone uses this safely!  Podophyllum peltatum or American Mandrake has the folk names of Mayapple, wild mandrake and ground lemon. It is widespread across most of the eastern United States and southeastern Canada.This genus is not the same as Mandragora (European Mandrake species) which also has numerous toxins which aren’t great for one’s health when ingested! Needless to say, this pack is not for consumption by any means! Even fully qualified herbalists are advised to steer clear of using this for folk medicine. Therefore, all ideas are for sympathetic magick only and should purely be for used in the dried form for things like poppets, mojo bags, spell charms, spell jars etc.

Although the plants are quite different, this herb is commonly used as a substitution in spells calling for Mandrake (Atropa mandragora) as this does not grow in the states. With a similar growth habit, seasonally appearing, blooming and then disappearing, may account for this, as there is little similarity between the plants otherwise, chemically or in appearance. Mayapple is a topical poison, take care not to let the powder or root sit on your skin too long or come in contact with your eyes or mouth, to avoid anything woogy, wear gloves or wash your hands very thoroughly after contact. 

The powdered root is used in powerful protective magic,  dried Mayapple root placed on the mantelpiece is said to protect and bring happiness and prosperity to the household and it will also prevent demons from entering the home. Placed on top of money, it will make the money multiply.

Mayapple is extremely irritating to the eyes and Mayapple root is used in spells to keep things (like diaries, books of shadows, etc.) hidden from prying eyes. The powder can be sprinkled around the storage area or on the object itself, or around the perimeter of an area where you do not wish to be disturbed. The dried root can also be added to spell sachets, charms, bags to perform a similar purpose, that is to allow the bearer to work in secret, or to allow his or her actions to not be revealed too soon. 

Add a bit of Mandrake root to your moon water for ritual use, as it increases the power of any kind of solution you use in your practice, it is not used to rub on your skin or to eat and drink. Your altar tools, such as your athame, wand, and so forth, can be given extra power by including Mandrake root in whatever oil you use for the consecration of them. You can also use it in specific oils you might use for dressing candles to empower your candle magick.

It can be worn to attract money to you, or it can be kept where you keep money to make it grow such as a safe or that stash under your mattress -  can I advise you create a spell bag or bottle for this one. If you have a home-based business, you can also hang it wherever you work. Mandrake root can be used in a money poppet which you can decorate in any way you see fit to draw money to you and good place to carry it would be in a handbag or a man bag if you’re a bloke who carries one.  Again, with adding the root to oils, add a few pieces of the root to your money drawing oil and put a few drops on your folding money to increase the attraction to more money.

The root can be tucked under the mattress to ensure the fertility and virility of the couple who sleep upon it. Kept in a high place in the home and away from small peoples and pets, Mayapple root is said to draw prosperity to the home and protect it from bad luck. 

In Short

Magick: Protection, Hidden Magick, Secrets, Fertility  Prosperity, Banishment, Karmic Workings, 

Gender: Masculine

Planet: Saturn/ Mercury

Element: Fire

Deities:  Circe, Hecate, Diana, Hathor and Saturn

Keep out of reach of children and pets. Not for use during pregnancy. Not for consumption or topical treatments. For metaphysical use only in poppets, charms, spells jars etc. 

These are quite hard to come by, hence the price.  Comes ready packaged in 14g bags with label, from the Fluorescent Ranch in Colorado. These guys source and purchase directly from directly Native American and international Indigenous artists in TRULY fair trade practices. Their items are hand picked in sustainable and traditional manners, what isn't wild crafted is organic--no fillers, perfumes, chemicals, no artificial ingredients or pesticides of any kind are ever used.