Loose Copal Resin (Gold)
Loose Copal Resin (Gold)

Loose Copal Resin (Gold)

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Derived from the sap of native trees of the Buresa family in South America, Copal is a smoky, sweet incense used by the indigenous tribes of the Americas for ceremonies and rituals. Copal is referenced in the Mayan book the "Popol Vuh", which includes a long passage describing how the sun, moon, and stars arrived on earth bringing Copal with them. Belonging to the Buresa family, were seen as medicinal trees that were traditionally used to combat disease and repel mosquitos and other biting insects.

Known for its ability to elicit mentally uplifting and calming effects, Copal is rich in triterpenes that have been shown to significantly reduce anxiety. Burning this resin is thought to activate “ion” channels in the brain, helping to alleviate stress and anxiety.

Copal is a powerful incense to use during meditation. It is linked with the crown chakra, deepening connection to the mystical and encouraging pure thoughts during meditation. Copal also helps to strengthen the auric body, helping to remove stagnant energy.

Its magical qualities aid with the process of opening to the soul and to intuition and inspiration. It is thought to be food for the ancestors and is offered as a way of saying thank you.

Lighter and airier than some resins, with properties to assist in raising energy for divination and spiritual exploits, for an extra kick use with a base such as sandalwood. Has purifying attributes which when combined with other purifying resins such as frankincense, proves useful for clearing your space prior to rituals, spells or divination. Use for spells associated with Sunday’s attributes. Use to honour any deity, especially those relating to the Sun.

Magick: Purifying, Divination, Raising spiritual vibrations, 

Element: Fire

Planet: Sun

Gender: Male

Day: Sunday

Deities: Any Sun deities, such as Ra, Sol, Lugh, Étaín, Hepa, Helios, Istanu, Hyperion, Arinna, Ainé, Belenos, Olwen

Comes in a sealed bag weighing approximately 25g (the chunks will vary in size due to the natural state of the resin). Not for consumption