Balm of Gilead (Pre-packed)
Balm of Gilead (Pre-packed)

Balm of Gilead (Pre-packed)

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Balm of Gilead was a rare perfume used medicinally, that was mentioned in the Hebrew Bible, and named for the region of Gilead, where it was produced. Balsam of Gilead is an ancient potion made with the resinous buds of the Cottonwood tree. The buds are covered with a fragrant resin that has a beautiful incense-like scent. The potion is made by soaking the buds in olive oil for a period of time, and it is used for the Consecration of ritual items and lots of other magickal purposes. For Balm of Gilead salve, there are so many different ways in which it can be made, a lot of families had some form of it. It could be boiled in water, where the resin came to the top and skimmed off, almost like a tar. 

Balm of Gilead is sometimes a sticky red resin that can be used in incense or dissolved into oil for use during ritual. The scent is suitable for all ritual purposes as a general-purpose holy incense, for consecration or clearing. It is said to draw spirits to its fragrance, so it is a good one to use when you are making offerings or attempting to communicate with those who have passed or other spirit and elemental beings.

Macerating the buds in oil infuses it with its fragrance which can be worn to draw love, rekindle the interest of a lover who is wandering and to help your lover forgive and forget. This oil can also be used as an oil to dress candles. Carry the buds of the balm of Gilead to mend a broken heart, or to attract a new love. Also steep them in red wine for a simple love drink. Burn as a material basis for spirits, and also carry for protective and healing purposes. Balm of Gilead Tears are used for love, manifestations, protection, healing, alleviating stress, and assisting in healing from the loss of a loved one. Use in love sachets; carry for healing, protection, and mending a broken heart. Use to dress candles for any form of magickal healing. Use in Magick or rituals related to promoting peace or reconciliation. 

It is also effective for healing and soothing skin irritations, bruising and swelling.

In Short:

Magick: Love, manifestations, protection, healing, peace, spirits

Gender: Feminine

Planet: Venus/Jupiter

Element: Water

Comes ready packaged in 1/4 oz (7g) bags with label, from the Fluorescent Ranch in Colorado, these guys source and purchase directly from directly Native American and international Indigenous artists in TRULY fair trade practices. Their items are hand picked in sustainable and traditional manners, and no artificial ingredients of any kind are ever used.