Juniper Berries (Dried)

Juniper Berries (Dried)

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Juniper: Is often burned in purification rites as a smudge stick or incense for exorcism, break hexes or curses. When hung by the door protects the inhabitants from negative or evil forces or persons. Carried on the person it protects the wearer against accidents, ghosts and illness. Need a bit of pep in your relationship, then when add either berries or dried plant to love spells. Carry with you when doing divination or scrying to enhance psychic powers.  These berries can be crushed to form incense, used to flavour your food (when added with the intent for Magick..a little bit of kitchen witchery), or infused in water to form a protective spray for doorways and windows (great when teamed with Rosemary) to keep negative energies at bay. 

In short: Magick: Love, Exorcism, Divination, Scrying, Health, Protection

Element: Fire

Planet: Sun

Day: Sunday

Gender: Masculine

Deities: Astarte, Hel, Loki, Ran, Skadi, Thor, Tyr, Weiland, Nanna, Nerthus, Ran

Comes in a sealed baggie weighing approximately 14g (1/2 oz).