Five Fingered Grass - Cinquefoil (Shredded)

Five Fingered Grass - Cinquefoil (Shredded)

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Known as Five Finger Grass, this was a supposed ingredient in flying ointments of olde, alongside other more controversial ingredients! This is actually relatively easy to find, being classed as a weed, it tends to grow in scrubby areas, even car parks and bank sides, I found some growing in my garden, so I uprooted it and moved it somewhere so it wouldn’t get chopped up with the strimmer or lawn mower!

 Used in Medieval; times for spells and love divination. Use in mojo bags or sachets and hang by entry ways as protection. Each point on the leaf has a specific representation: Love, Money, Health, Power and Wisdom so when carried is to imbue these qualities to the person, or the points can be used to represent the five elements, great if you’re out and about and doing off the cuff magick. It is protective in nature, so when placed by a door, bed, in a sachet will protect person or persons. Infusions made from cinquefoil are used to remove hexes or curses: wash forehead and hands nine times to rid malevolent magick, so may be useful in a purifying bath sachet. Use when asking for favours or during court cases to ensure it goes your way. If you have trouble sleeping then a sachet hung by your bed is said to promote a restful night. Use in all incenses, spell charms or simmer pots for magick relating to prosperity, purification and protection.

A good prosperity spell sachet: Mix together equal amounts of cinquefoil, cinnamon, cloves, lemon balm and one whole vanilla pod (or Tonka bean), place in a purple cloth bag and carry to promote riches.

In short: Magick: Love, Money, Health, Power, Wisdom, Court Cases, Purifying, Protection, Sleep, Prophecy

Element: Fire

Planet: Jupiter

Gender: Masculine

Sign: Virgo

Day: Thursday

Deities: Jupiter, Mother Goddesses such as Hera, Isis, Cybele, Gaia, Bast, Brighid, Frigga, Demeter, Zeus, The Daghda, Thor, Amun

 Comes in a baggie weighing approximately 14g (1/2oz)