Dried Elderflowers

Dried Elderflowers

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Elderflower is rooted in folklore, with associations to faeries and fantastical elements. In the Celtic tree calendar, Ogham, the Elder represents the 13th month, the month of the winter solstice. The solstice is a time of transition between light and dark, death and rebirth. She has long been associated with the fairy world and Elder is considered to be a plant of the faerie land. It is believed that wood spirits and elves make their home in her roots. Elder is known to be “the medicine chest of the country folk” for its remedial uses, such as improving immune health, coughs and combating allergies. Tea made from elderflower stimulates the kidneys and is also good to put in a sleepy time brew. Legend has it that the Norse Goddess Freya lived in one!

Connection to the fairy and the angelic realm, so elder is awesome to use when doing ceremonies, meditations, and protection.

Forms a gateway and connection to the natural kingdom.

Representative of death and rebirth, so it is very helpful when things are coming to an end and a new beginning is needed. One to use during times of transition.

Helps open the psyche so that one can see things in a new and positive light

Helps us move through issues quickly, helping to speed emotional and psychic healing.

Helps cool anger and ground the spirit.

Assists in opening the heart in a protective way after a traumatic or abusive event.

Very supportive in times of transition and renowned for mental and emotional stress.

In Short:

Magick: Fae Magick, Transitions, Protection, Connections to Nature, Psychic Healing, Winter Solstice, Sleep

Element: Water

Planet: Venus, The Moon

Gender: Feminine

Deities: Freya, Hel, Hela, Holda, Venus, Hilde, The White Lady

Comes in a baggie weighing approximately 14g (1/2 oz)