Chicory Root

Chicory Root

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Common chicory is a somewhat woody, perennial herbaceous plant of the daisy family Asteraceae, usually with bright blue flowers. This versatile ingredient has been used for centuries in a variety of ways, cultivated for its taste and reported health benefits, possibly going back to Ancient Egyptian times and is well known as a substitute for coffee. 

Burning Chicory Root can aid in removing curses and hexes, especially when you feel like someone may be preventing you from moving forward and being successful. Add to charm bags or add to incense mixes/ simmer pots for this purpose and carry with you to remove all obstacles that may arise in your life. Also used for hexing others for the same reason.

Chicory Root strengthens divinatory skills and brings good luck, when brewed/infused anoint your body - so a bath tea would be a great one to do this - to obtain favours from great people. 

 Chicory can also be carried with you to promote frugality - with the current economic climate I think some may find this useful when you are a little “spendthrifty”.


In Short:

Magick: Removing obstacles, Favours, Frugality, Hex/ Curse removal, Divination, Remove Obstacles

Gender: Masculine

Planet: Sun

Element: Air

Deities: Helios & Sol

Sign: Leo

Also Called: Blue-Sailors, Coffeeweed, Succory

Comes in a sealed bag weighing approximately 25g