Cats Claw Bark

Cats Claw Bark

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With a lengthy history dating back to the Inca civilisation, Cat’s Claw has been used as a traditional medicine in the Andes to treat inflammation, gastric ulcers, rheumatism, dysentery, intestinal complaints and wounds. Also known as 'Una de Gato' (Cat's Claw in Spanish), has long been used as a traditional medicine of the Ashaninka Indians and other tribes of Peru who have employed it for a wide range of conditions. The tribes of the Amazon have used this woody vine as a general tonic to promote good health for 1000’s of years – a tonic that can be used to bring anyone back to health. Its reputation as a “cure all” now seems to be validated by modern science, with numerous studies on the plethora of active compounds shedding new light on this ancient herb.

It clears obstructions from he various channels, physical and spiritual, that block our flow, the harmonious flow of 'Chi' as the Chinese doctors would say. It can help restore the spiritual balance and release old ties that bind. Great for shadow working and dark moon “release” rituals.

Cat's claw bark is good for adding to incense blends to increase psychic powers, vision quests and shamanic journeys. It is also used in spells and sachets for drawing money. 

In Short:

Magick: : Attraction, Prosperity, Protection, Psychic Power, Money Drawing, Vision Quests, Shadow Work
Gender: Masculine
Planet: Jupiter
Element: Fire

Comes in a sealed bag weighing approximately 25g