Dried Chopped Carob Pods

Dried Chopped Carob Pods

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Carob beans have been a popular native tree throughout the Mediterranean and the Middle Eastern areas for thousands of years. These hardened bean pods have been used for centuries as a food in times of famine, animal feed, sweetener and chocolate substitute - although requires soaking for hours to rehydrate the pods or ground powder to a useable form! They are hardy and thrive with very little water to make them grow. Inside the tough pod itself are the seeds, as tough as the outer shell! 

Also known as the Locust Bean, the seeds were boiled to release a sticky glue like substance that was used to secure the bandages during mummification in Ancient Egypt. The Romans would chew on the unripened pods to get a sweet treat. 

There are many Magickal uses and descriptions around the Carob, varying from writer to writer, path to path. Carob beans may be carried or worn to bolster the health and to guard against evil. It is believed anyone who carries a seedpod will be blessed with great wealth; something to think about if you’re planning to buy a lottery ticket! If you wish to string the seeds as beads on a necklace, soak them first to soften them. I’ve listed the varied below, but as with most things Magickal you will find your own fit with these pods…like I did with my shamanic rattling! 

In Short:

Magick: Healing & Health, Fortunes & Prosperity, Reverse Hexing, Negative Energy Removal, Spirit Calling, Familiar Magick.

Planet(s): Mars, Jupiter, Saturn

Element: Fire

Gender: Masculine: 

Deities: Ra, Isis, Thoth, Osiris, Hecate, Hera, Hel

You will receive a sealed packet weighing 25g, which due to their natural state the bits may vary in size and shape.